It is probably safe to say that Drew Brees’ offseason football training regiment is a little different than 330 pound Terrence Cody’s program. Cody is a lineman, a big lineman. Outside of gaining strength and power, Cody has to place a focus on maintaining weight, especially after entering the NFL at over 400 pounds.


Coaches love the big linemen that move defenders with ease. Players like Cody dominate at the college level and make it nearly impossible for offensive linemen to move them off the ball. But at the NFL level, coaches want more than just a big body to get in the way.


The best linemen are the ones that not only bring the big frame to the game, but also have the agility to fly past the offensive front and make plays in the opposition’s backfield. Cody lost over 60 pounds in an offseason and got to his ‘football’ weight, making him more an all-around force on the defensive front.


Cody isn’t alone. Football players at every level have to understand exactly where the peak mark is in their overall playing weight. Coaches want the big players, but they don’t want the fat slow players that can’t get off the ball. So what’s the protocol for an athlete wanting to be big enough to wreak havoc, but fast enough to wreak more havoc?


Here’s the secret:


Add Muscle not Calories: When trying to bulk up, the best way to bulk up is through muscle, and that’s not loading up on 99 cent cheeseburgers. Adding muscle is the best way to gain good weight, not weight that holds you back.


Know What Getting Bigger Means: When a coach says you could use a few extra pounds to beef up, it doesn’t mean eat, eat, and eat some more. While eating will play a large role in you beefing up, it can also play a role in removing your hard-earned ability if you quit your football training. Don’t quit running and don’t quit lifting. Eating right and working out will build solid muscle that will add to your power, strength and quickness. This is s something that coach will like much more than a soft jelly roll.


Article Title:   Are you at ‘Football’ Weight for Football Training?