Your Sports Trainer has developed elite basketball training programs to for the pro player to the weekend warrior. We recognize that basketball is one of the world’s premier sports, where the talent of the superstars is only matched by the lucrative numbers on their contracts. But while it takes it years and years of practice to make it in top leagues such as the NBA, Your Sports Trainer can be the road that it takes you to the summit whether you are a amateur trying to get his big break or a professional looking to further enhance their abilities.

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• Do you want to score that all important game point at the buzzer?

• Do you want to leave your opponents mesmerized by your speed?

• Looking to last all quarters without having much difficulty?

If the answer to the above question s is yes, well, then you’re ready to brush up on your Basketball talents with Your Sports Trainer. And by signing up with our program right now, you can avail a free trial!

Todd Norman and basketball trainingOne of America’s and the globe’s most popular pastimes, Basketball is considered to be one of the toughest sports to play considering the amount of physical exertion required from the player to perform during the four quarters. This is why at Your Sports Trainer we have teamed up with professional fitness coach Todd Norman, who is world-renowned for his contributions to various leagues like the NBA, MLB and NFL.

With our tailor-made program for basketball training, you are bound to improve on all aspects of your game but the drills are specifically designed to prep you for a tough game of B-ball.

Amongst other areas, our work-out plan will boost the following crucial factors in your performance including speed, strength, power, agility, acceleration, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Since it requires an extra-ordinary amount of stamina, we have created and edited our program to improve the oxygen in-take of your lungs, which not only ensures that you are less tired but is also a crucial contributor to your endurance level. Furthermore, we focus on upper body strength in particular so that your arms and chest are well suited to those long-ranger pointers and that the ball never falls short of the hoop.

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Injuries in basketball tend to be nagging, which unfortunately, keeps focus our attention on the areas versus keeping your head in the game itself to beat your competitor. According to most, ankle problems are the most common in the game and tend to be the most cruel, as they can keep you on the sidelines for weeks on end. Fortunately, our basketball training program is made to counter all these issues and uses increased muscle power to decrease the level and impact of injuries such as these.

However, strength by itself cannot be your savior, so we at Your Sports Trainer, have highlighted the main points which need work and have created our basketball training according to these, so you are in tip-top shape once you enter the arena.

Our drills work on the following areas to boost your game and make you fitter and stronger:

• Mobility and Balance

• Speed and Agility

• Strength and Power Training

• Plyometrics and Stability

• Core Strength

• Rotational Power

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Systemized Elite Basketball Training

Our system is designed to be efficient and give success quicker than you can imagine. And in order to enhance the user experience, you can avail our myProfile Management System, which will allow to you to keep track of your progress, compare results and photos so that you can truly see the work of our regime.

The Myprofile management system will also maintain a basketball training calendar, establish a nutritional plan and personal goals, so that you can achieve what you really set out to do.

Our extensive library contains thousands of exercises which are optimized with HD resolution and detailed text so you can understand how each drill will affect your abilities on the court, as well guiding you through the correct method of practice.

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"Todd took my game to a whole new level. I now have the size, strength, speed, and power I need to compete for a job in the NBA. The workouts are so intense that I have learned to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. Todd taught me how to work hard but also smart. His organization and constant program revisions keep my training and development on a continual progression."

-Eric Chenowith, NBA and University of Kansas player

The YST Basketball Training System

Sign up today and you can reap the benefits of what the professionals use to take their game to the next level. Boost your speed, strength and stamina alongside your Basketball skills and take the court by storm the next time you take part in a game.

A crucial point in your basketball training will be to examine your current aptitude and create a custom plan to target specific areas of your weaknesses and skill level which need work. But fear not, Your Sports Trainer is going to be with your every step of the way and whether you are working alone or with a fitness coach, we will surely be of help.

By signing up now, you get a 90 day free trial and if you are still impressed with our services, you can choose a permanent deal, which will only set you back a miserly $5.95 a month. Ready to become the basketball player you can be? Rise up the pecking order in no time, start using Your Sports Trainer for your basketball training now!

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