Unless you’ve lived under a rock during the last year, chances are you have probably heard of Tim Tebow. The Denver Broncos quarterback has been at the forefront of nearly every media outlet, stemming from sports channels to religious channels.


But put aside all the controversy and the media attention that surrounds the former Heisman Trophy winner. There are very few athletes in any sport that work and train the way that Tim Tebow trains. It’s his football fitness regiment that has the quarterback staying healthy and defying the odds at a position that many think he should not be playing.


Tebow, who resembles more of a well-oiled NFL tight end, led the Broncos to a playoff berth in 2011 and upset the favored Pittsburg Steelers in the first round of the playoffs. Despite less than impressive stats, one thing is certain about Tim Tebow – he’s a winner.


Tebow won in college. Tebow is winning in the NFL. The more people tell him he can’t do something, the more apt he his to prove them wrong. Players like Tebow don’t come around often – if ever. But what truly makes Tebow special is his keen ability to work harder than anyone else and put together a regiment fit for the underdogs.


The secret? Well, let’s find out.


Football Fitness Fundamentals are Key:

Tebow is a firm believer in focusing on the fundamentals of football fitness first and foremost. Get yourself in great shape to become explosive, strong, and in top-notch shape. Tebow may not have the most picture-perfect throwing motion, but with top-of-line agility and strength, he makes up for it.


Find the Right Trainer: 

Even Tim Tebow needs a coach to motivate him. That should tell you something. Working out on your own is fine and many people succeed by going the individual route. But Tebow is a firm believer in having someone push you. It is easy for our mind to tell us enough is enough. But when we have that second opinion telling us that isn’t enough, we are more apt to keep pushing.


Prepare Yourself for Competition: 

As soon as Tim Tebow was drafted by the Broncos, he knew he had to be ready for a quarterback competition. No matter what your draft position, everyone has to earn their spot on an NFL roster. Tebow was in first class, football fitness shape right from day one in Broncos camp and it made it a habit of continuing to maintain strength when others were starting to tire. If you are an aspiring quarterback at any level, it is key for you to lead in every aspect, including work ethic. Tebow’s fellow teammates see the energy level that he plays with and they see the way he prepares for each game. It is safe to say that his model is contagious.


Article Title:   Channeling Your Inner Tim Tebow with Football Fitness