Snowboarding and fitness aren't really two words that one would put together. This sport, like surfing and skating, are commonly associated with a laid back lifestyle however over the past several decades they have turned into serious, hard core sports where athletes compete in top level competitions such as the X-Games and the Olympics. In order to compete at the top level you need to have superior skills and snowboard fitness to keep going until the final rounds of the competition.


Competing at the highest level is an aspiration many young athletes dream about and with proper training and a solid snowboard fitness routine this goal can become a reality. An effective routine will consist of three types of exercises; bodyweight exercises, lower body drills, and a stretching plan. If you follow this and spend countless hours honing your skills then you too could be one of the lucky few.


Bodyweight Drills for Snowboard Fitness

Bodyweight drills are effective because the greater control you have over your own body the better chance you will have of landing the tricks that will score you the most points. The more basic the exercise the better it is. Pushups pull ups, and sit ups are all great drills that will boost your snowboard fitness to the next level.


Lower Body Drills

Drills that develop the lower body are pretty important for snowboarding as you use your legs a lot so they are the key to success. Snowboard fitness drills that develop the musculature of your legs should be basic and fundamental for the best results. Your regimen should consist of squats, lunges, dead lifts, calf raises, cleans. These core exercises will give you the strength to pull of some wicked tricks and get into the big time.


Flexibility Drills

Stretching is an often overlooked part of working out that will save you from a lot of injuries and give you added points over the competition. Your snowboard fitness routine for stretching should include a lot of lower body exercises as well as ones that work your core. Upper body drills are good to add but not mandatory.


There are numerous ways to develop your snowboard fitness routine, but if you want to do it right and have time to practice techniques then stick with the fundamental exercises. These drills will have you seeing the most gains and hitting your mark every time.


Article Title:   Enhance Performance with Snowboard Fitness Drills that Develop Muscle & Flexibility