The most popular youth sport in America and the most popular overall sport in the world is soccer. Yet, it’s not only the most popular, it’s also one of the most challenging to master. There are essential soccer skills needed to be a competitive soccer player. Just think about the basics of the game, you’re not allowed to use your hands or arms. So, you have to instead use your feet, legs, torso and even your head to move the ball where you want it. This can be tough to master. Let’s look at a few essential soccer skills needed to be successful.

  • Dribbling

This skill is how you move the ball down the field by yourself. Softly kicking the ball out in front of you and then chasing it. This is one of the hardest essential soccer skills to master. Dribbling becomes increasingly harder when defenders are trying to steal the ball from you. You need to spend large amounts of time practicing this essential soccer skill. 

  • Shooting

You must score to win. Shooting is an essential soccer skill for just that reason. You must put the ball in the net to score. So, practice shooting to win the game!

  • Headers

You must use your head when playing soccer, in more ways than one. Using a header when the ball is in the air is an essential soccer skill because you can’t catch the ball and you want to get at it before your opponent does. Practice using your head to direct the ball to where you want it to go.  

  • Passing/ Receiving

Moving the ball by your self the whole game isn’t a very good tactic. You must pass the ball to teammates to run a successful offense. Practice the essential soccer skill of passing and receiving passes to build team work.

  • Conditioning

Soccer is two 45 minute halves of continuous running. If you get tired and slow down then you are no help to your team. Practice running for long durations and distance will improve your essential soccer skill of conditioning.

Playing a game without the use of your hands is a tough challenge. Improving the essential soccer skills of dribbling, shooting, headers, passing/receiving and conditioning will take your over all game to a new level. Millions of youths play soccer in America. Developing these essential soccer skills early will set them up for success later in their playing careers.


Article Title:   Essential Soccer Skills