Football training with Your Sports Trainer will improve your overall performance whether trying to make a team, playing recreationally or professionally.


• Are you interested in improving how quickly you can get down the field?

• Want to develop your strength so that you can bulldoze over your opponents when blocking?

• Are you interested in being more explosive and beating your opponents off the line?

• Would you like to be able to avoid tacklers and gain more yards?


To dominate on the football field, you have to put in work during the offseason. Your Sports Trainer is dedicated to helping you become the best football player that you can by improving your performance. Our comprehensive football training programs are designed specifically for improving all the athletic facets that you need to be an elite football player. 

"I've trained with Todd Norman for several years and his training methods greatly enhanced my athletic performance. Under his direction, I have maximized my foot speed, balance, core strength, and overall physical conditioning." - Mark Sanchez, NFL QB/ New York Jets

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The football training program and each workout are designed by world class professional sports trainer, Todd Norman, who is known for developing some of the most elite athletes in the world, including MLB, NFL, UFC, NBA, USTA and NHL professionals. When you sign up for Your Sports Trainer, you’ll receive access to that same sports specific football training program, as well as Todd Norman’s carefully-planned workouts and detailed drills.




You’re here, which means that you understand that developing the athleticism needed to being a dominating football player takes hard work. Today, there’s no way you can succeed without training. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, Your Sports Trainer will provide you with the foundation and blueprint for becoming an elite football player. Every single one of the drills we assign is designed to develop a specific facet involved in improving your performance on the field. If you provide the effort and dedication, we’ll provide the direction.

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Football is a complex sport that requires its athletes to be able to do a number of things. Your Sports Trainer understands these athletic needs and we address them in every one of our workouts. Our superior football training programs have been proven to develop:

Football Training Speed

- Acceleration

- Speed

- Power

- Strength

- Agility

- Coordination

- Balance

- Flexibility

You’ll develop all of these areas by following our premiere Your Sports Trainer comprehensive football training program. Check out what workouts are like by taking advantage of our limited time 90 day free trial.




Many football players focus only on developing their maximal strength or trying to get bigger, but that’s not enough. You must be able to transfer that strength and size into power and explosiveness on the field. Your Sports Trainer incorporates all of the athletic facets required to being a quality football player. This ensures that you’re training as effectively as you can and maximizing your results.


Our members have access to over 1,000 functional exercises and football drills. As a football player looking to develop athleticism, you’ll be participating in a wide variety of exercises. Some of the types of activities included in the football training program include:

Todd Norman and Football Training Combine

- Balance and Mobility

- Speed and Agility

- Strength and Power Training

- Plyometrics

- Core Strength

- Rotational Power and Stability


Every exercise you find in our library is accommodated with detailed instructions and HD video so that you can ensure you’re performing each with correct technique. Performing each football training exercise and drill correctly is essential for them being effective and crucial in reducing the risk of injury.


You’ll find that most of the exercises and drills you’ll be doing will request that you to perform the movements explosively. Football is a quick, powerful sport and as such, you must train fast and explosively.


Football is an intense and physical sport that requires you to accelerate explosively and change directions on a dime. Performing these explosive athletic movements adds an enormous amount of stress to your musculoskeletal system and increases your body’s balance demands. If your body is not physically prepped for this type of athletic activity, the risk of injuring yourself is higher. Your Sports Trainer football training will properly prepare your body for the explosive nature of the sport. Because of the improvements in balance, strength and coordination you’ll receive from the Your Sports Trainer football training workouts, your body will be able to better keep itself in proper position and handle the explosive requirements, decreasing your risk of suffering from injury when you’re on the field. You’ll be less likely to suffer joint sprains and muscle strains because of your developed musculoskeletal system.

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Sign up and you’ll join hundreds of athletes that have already discovered Your Sports Trainer football training programs. You’ll immediately receive access to our football-specific workouts and over 1,000 exercises and football drills that will develop your strength, speed, power and agility. Our myProfile Management System allows you to keep track of your customized football training calendar, personal goals and nutritional plan. You’ll be able to monitor your improvements by tracking your fitness test scores and comparing before and after photos.

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It’s important when you train that you first understand where you’re at and then lay out a structured plan based on where you want to go. You’re not alone in your football training. Your Sports Trainer will provide you with effective workouts and motivate you to be your best. Our program is a cost-effective replacement of a strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer, and if you’re working with a trainer, our Your Sports Trainer program can further boost your existing football training sessions. With our customizable, football specific training program and myProfile Management System, you can be rest assured that you’re training effectively.




Are you ready to start becoming the best football player you can be? Sign up today and take advantage of our limited time 90 day free trial. It takes just 60 seconds to get started. You’ll get full access to our football training workouts and the entire myProfile management system. We are confident that once you train with us, you’ll see what our program can do. After the trial period, you can continue to train with us for just $5.95 a month. Your Sports Trainer will be with you every step of the way to help you become a better football player and participate in our sport-specific football training.

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