Want to enjoy this winter season full-on with skiing? Put some extra efforts in your ski fitness preparation, before going for your thrilling snowy adventure. You can train yourself for your skiing trip at home; with some easy home drills and enhance your ski fitness, besides going to gym. Recuperating pliability, amplifying legs’ strength and dimensional gist are must for an energetic and agile skiing. Besides this, some hybrid exercises like trail running and mountain biking also help in boosting up your ski fitness.


Wall Sit Exercise

Cross training for your ski fitness is exceedingly conducive for visualizing the jagged natural slopes. Start with some easy ski drills. One of the most elementary drills to enact ‘ski legs’, is the wall sit exercise. This drill is usually used for escalating isometric strength and persistence in calves, gluteus and the quadriceps. To carry out this basic exercise, place your back against a wall with your feet at shoulder width apart. You’re going to eventually sit against the wall with your knees bent approximately at 90 degrees. Move your back down smoothly, slide down yourself and imagine that you are going to sit on an illusory chair till your thighs become parallel to the ground. Try to keep your knees over your ankles and do not move your knees past your toes. Stay in this position for 20 to 60 seconds, until you feel a blazing sensitivity in your quads. This white-hot feeling means that you are doing this drill properly. The wall sit exercise does not only help in isolating the quads, but also make it possible for you to tuck longer without facing quad exhaustion.


Independent Leg Locomotion

Free leg movement is another important drill to increase your ski fitness. In skiing, there is a specific move in which one leg extends down the hill and the other is placed close towards the body; to curl itself for the later turn. For this skiing move, you need to exercise your legs in free motion. Independent leg locomotion or free leg squat is a simple exercise to build balance, strength and coordination in skiing training. This drill enhances your strength, stability and keeps you safe from injury. To start, this exercise may trouble you and you might find it difficult to balance your body. Along with it your ankle may dodder, upper part of your body sways, and knees may shake... but it’s simple enough. For this drill, start with balancing on a single leg until you reach 30 seconds time. Through this, you will be able to stabilize your smaller muscles. Doing this numerous times will improve your balance remarkably, and you will be ready to start one legged squats.


Adding these ski fitness drills to your training strategy will definitely boost your energy level; and your physical and mental fitness will prove to be outstanding this season. Get ready for an adventurous skiing trip with these mind-blowing drills.


Article Title:   Get Downhill Faster with Ski Fitness