Martial arts have long been known as an activity that will whip your butt into shape. It doesn't matter if you train for competition or train for recreation, just participating every day will get you some killer martial arts fitness and a body that anyone would rival. A lot of schools and dojo's split up their recreational participants from the professional team for good reason. You can't expect someone who has been training for only a few months to hang with the guys and gals who train to compete on a regular basis. Despite the separation of classes many of the coaches and instructors use the same drills and exercises from the pro class in the beginner classes giving the newbie’s a chance to develop a strong level of martial arts fitness.


If you are looking to increase your martial arts fitness level to that of the pros, either because you are thinking of competing or just want to lose a little weight then there are plenty of exercises and drills that you can do to supplement your regular training. Numerous professional mixed martial artists use weight plates to increase strength and build muscle mass. Weight plates are the ones used on the bar for squats, bench press, and other exercises (in case you were wondering). They are amazing for increasing anyone's martial arts fitness.


Plate carries are a killer exercise that will develop your strength, stamina, and overall endurance for your martial arts fitness. It doesn't require any fancy equipment and can be done almost anywhere you can take your plates to. Here is how you perform plate carries.

• Stack your plates at the starting line. This could be one plate of each size from 2.5 up to 45 pounds, several 25 pound plates, or any mixture depending upon your strength and current level of martial arts fitness.

• Now pick up your first plate and sprint 40 yards down the field or spot you are training at.

• Set the plate down and sprint back to the beginning.

• Grab the next plate in the stack and run down to the 40 yard line.

• Continue to do this until you have taken each plate to the 40 yard line.

• Rest for 30 to 60 seconds and then begin again.


Ultimately the faster you can get this workout done the greater your martial arts fitness will increase. If you find this becoming easier or you want to mix it up then you can turn the plate carries into suicides with the plates. This will have you working harder and will give you leaps and bounds in the development of your martial arts fitness.


If you are a serious athlete then you should be incorporating plate carries or some other form of plate exercise into your workout. Plates are inexpensive, easy to transport, can be used no matter what is your level of martial arts fitness, and work the body really well since they allow a full range of motion. The pros use them to develop fitness and strength so why shouldn't you?


Article Title:   Get Martial Arts Fitness Like the Pros