Every golfer knows the fastest way to lower your round is to hit the ball further.  Sounds simple enough, but it’s more complex than just swinging harder.  A good golf swing is a finely tuned chain of events; if one minuet movement is changed it can throw off the whole sequence of events.


By simply swinging harder you’re most likely going to change several aspects of your swing in detrimental ways.  To hit the golf ball further you need more club head speed.  To get more club head speed you need to swing faster not specifically harder.  Using specific golf exercises you can speed up your body’s rotational force to increase swing speed but in a controlled manner as to not upset your natural swing.  Here are two golf exercises that mimic a golf swing and will train your body to swing faster.

Medicine Ball Rational Throw:
For this golf exercise stand about 2-3 meters from a partner or wall able to take the force of a medicine ball throw, with your off hand shoulder pointing to the wall or partner.  Feet shoulder to hip width apart, knees bent and core contracted.  Hold the medicine ball between both hands, arms strait and slightly out in front of you.  This stance should feel really close to how you would set up to swing a golf club.

Keeping your arms strait slowly rotate your shoulders away from the wall or partner like a back swing, keeping your spine at angle the same, breathe in while performing this part of the golf exercise.  Then explosively rotate back towards the wall with arms strait and spine angle the same, throwing the medicine ball as hard as you can at the wall or partner, breathe out at this part of the golf exercise.  Rotate your hips through the rotation and up onto you back legs toe like you would finish your golf swing.   Have your partner toss the medicine ball back to you or it should bounce back to you if using a wall and repeat.

Dumbbell Wood Chop:
This golf exercise involves only a dumbbell to perform.  Gripping the dumbbell handle with both hands, one hand over the other, stand with feet shoulder to hip width apart, knees bent, core contracted, arms strait and shoulders slightly turned to the back swing side of your body.  If your right handed the dumbbell should be just outside your right leg.

From this position explosively pull the dumbbell strait into your chest, rotate your shoulders pushing the dumbbell out to the opposite side of your body and breathe out straitening your arms so the dumbbell is just above shoulder height, rotating your hips through the rotation and your back leg up onto the toe like you would finish a golf swing keeping the same spine angle though out.  

These two golf exercises will increase your body’s rotational force while still keeping most of your swing fundamentals intact.  The increased rotational force will allow you to swing faster in your normal golf swing, improving club head speed and allowing you to hit the golf ball further.


Article Title:   Golf Exercises for Big Distance