What is your favorite tee time, morning, mid morning, noon, afternoon? For me it depends on the time of year and temperature, but the most challenging is defiantly the early morning. I always find myself rushing to get to the course on time and with all equipment in tow. Just ask PGA’s professional Jim Furyk about his early morning tee time at the Barclay’s two years ago. His cell phone battery went dead, which he was using for his alarm and he didn’t wake up on time, missing his tee time! So rule number one for early tee times, make sure alarm is set and cellular device is charged! 


Lets say you do make it up on time, your still playing in the early morning, you are probably a little groggy, a little hungry and if it’s early in the season, most likely cold too! How are you supposed to put together a good round in this scenario? It’s hard for the best golfers in the world to play in the early morning so what can you do to play better? Here are a few golf fitness tips for morning tee time to help you get out strong.

  • Get up early and have a good breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sets your metabolism for the rest of the day. This golf fitness for morning tee times tip will start your metabolism, warm your body up and get you mentally alert.
  • Perform some dynamic warm up drills to loosen up your body. Walking twisting lunges, arm circles, torso twists... whatever works for you. This golf fitness for morning tee times tip will prepare your body for a full day of perfect swings. This golf fitness for morning tee times tip seems obvious, yet it still gets left out if you are running late.
  • Hits some ball on the range. There is no substitute for your natural swing and as you already know, the more you swing the better it feels. So hit a small bucket of balls and you should be ready to go.

Golf fitness for morning tee times is essential for a well played round. You are not going to play well if you are tired, hungry, cold or stiff. So follow these simple tips for golf fitness for morning tee times to play better rounds in your early morning tee times.


Article Title:   Golf Fitness for Morning Tee Times