Golf training has never been easier thanks to Your Sports Trainer, an elite online systm with specialized training programs for beginners and pros alike.


No matter what your skill level is, odds are there’s one aspect of your golf game that you can improve upon. 

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... Maybe you just want to develop a fluid and strong swing.

... Maybe you want to perfect your putt, especially on the back 9.

... Maybe you need to learn how to swing for the green and find success time and time again.

Your Sports Trainer will help you accomplish all of your golf goals with a unique golf training program developed specially for golfers like you. Forget about general workouts; if you want to succeed on the green you specifically need golf training.

Sports training, including golf training, is very different from general fitness training. With sports fitness training, you still get the benefits you would normally get from a regular workout, like a good physique and increased strength, but you are training in a way that is more functional and applicable to your daily life. Since we all live in the real world, and not the “gym world”, doesn’t it make more sense to exercise in way that will help you every single day?

  • Core Strength / Rotational Power and Stability
  • Balance & Mobility
  • Speed & Agility
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Strength & Power Training
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So, we have designed a sports training program for you—the golfer. Who exactly are we? We are Your Sports Trainer. We are certified trainers and sports fitness professionals who have worked with many elite athletes over the years and are now taking our expertise to you. Your Sports Trainer was founded by Todd Norman. Todd has worked with many high-profile athletes and helped them improve drastically at the sports they play. If you want to become a better golfer, we’re the team that can make that happen with sport specific golf training. 


Your Sports Trainer is ready to give you the blueprint for success with our amazing golf training program. Interested already? Sign up today for a 90 day free trial. That’s THREE MONTHS! Imagine how much you could improve your game with just three months of the world’s best golf training. Now stop imagining and sign up!

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Golf training isn’t easy. If you want to go work out in your basement to haphazardly lift weights, or stand in your office putting a golf ball into a coffee mug during your lunch break, that’s fine, but you’re not going to really advance your golf game. If you want to make significant strides on the course, whether you just want to play golf locally with your friends or if you’re getting ready for the Masters, Your Sports Trainer’s golf training program is exactly what you need.


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With our golf training programs you’ll also minimize injuries that you might receive while playing golf since your body will have prepared specifically for the sport. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or an amateur, if you need help teeing off or putting, or if you’re someone playing for fun or someone we’ll see on television swinging away during the US Open—we have the top golf training program, with golf-specific workouts, for you!  


Your Sports Trainer has over 1,000 exercises and drills! Our golf videos are also available in high definition. These HD exercise videos won’t slow down or lag and interrupt your golf training. Our training plans provide you the ultimate workout plan to achieve your goals. If you want to step out on your own, you can mix and match workouts to find the perfect combination for your own goals and areas of need. Customizing your own workouts will prevent you from getting bored and will make you want to exercise more than you ever have before.  In addition to all of this, Your Sports Trainer gives you access to a special management system, the myProfile Management System, which will make it easier than ever to monitor your advancement.


If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, it’s time to sign up for a free trial!

• Are you ready to improve your flexibility in a way that will help you on golf courses?

• Do you want golf videos that will make you better at putting?

• Do you want videos with exercises that’ll help you reach the green from the farthest distances?

• Do you want to be the best golfer you can be?



Don’t you owe it to yourself to give our golf training program a chance? You can now try Your Sports Trainer for FREE for THREE WHOLE MONTHS. That’s 90 days of a brand new golf training program that will help you perfect your golf skills. There is no obligation to keep your account after your trial period is up, but we’re sure that you’ll get so much out of Your Sports Trainer that a monthly subscription fee of only $5.95 will be well worth it.


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