When you think about a sport that can be is judged by pure with power, strength and lots of stamina, it’s none other than wrestling or grappling. The origin of wrestling started in the Mediterranean where ancient Romans and Greeks developed this unique style of combat. Wrestling is one of the oldest sports and was originated 5,000 years ago. The Romans and Greeks designed this sportive game to transform their soldiers to deadly warriors.


Wrestling and MMA training is a hand-to-hand combat style, where lots of power and tricks are needed to knockdown an opponent. You can now see this ancient fighting form in the Olympic game. Many Wrestlers undertake hard wrestling training to reach their goal. Wrestling training was once trained by the Greek students when they were in school. Lots of discipline and honesty is needed while learning this old style fighting form. Wrestling training focus on hardcore fighting system and the total concentration is on locking and breaking.


Wrestling training started its journey around 704 B.C and many people joined this exclusive sport and felt the entertainment factor. When Romans defeated the Greeks, the form of wrestling training transformed and gave a new outlook. With this issue the Greeks became worried and feared that the traditional form of wrestling will get vanished. To keep the real history of the ancient style a new style was formed and was known as Greco-Roman wrestling.


As time went on, this stylish sport abruptly became admired in the United States. From there it went to Europe and other parts of the world and gained lots of name and fame. Presently, wrestling training and its methods are liked among everyone and you can see people are attending wrestling training to make themselves strong and healthy. Today, you can see matches where people of any size are competing against each other. In this sport the hazards are real and bring lots of injuries.


In the year 1904, this game became recognized as a freestyle form in St. Louis. In this year, International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles or FILA took its shape. New rules and regulations were input to make this game a unique combination of hard and soft form. In 1900, wrestling entered into schools and high school wrestling and other types of championship took place in the US. Presently, professional wrestling and wrestling trainings can be divided into two basic forms. One is the non-folk style or international and folk style wrestling.


In Non-folk style, you can find lots of grappling and freestyle techniques like the Greco-Roman form. In folk style you can see Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu and Japanese Sumo and other few prominent styles. Now, wrestling training has managed to draw worldwide recognition in the shape of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).


With the emergence of the UFC, today’s fastest growing sport is MMA or cage fighting. People are liking this unique sport and also the MMA training techniques. Grappling and MMA training techniques has now blended itself in mixed martial arts style and is rising quickly. MMA training will grow more and this ancient sport will keep its mark on everyone, while inspiring everyone to participate in MMA whether they are watching or training.


Article Title:   Grappling History - MMA Training a Hand-to-Hand Combat Style