The game of baseball is the national sport of United States and now it is widely accepted by other countries. No one exactly knows the proper origin of this sport but this game became popular first in the US in the early 19th century. This game was also known as “townball”, and later, got its unique name “baseball”. In 1845, Alexander Joy Cartwright of New York formulated this game. Cartwright and the members of the Knickerbocker Baseball Club in New York planned the first rules and regulations of this sport. Baseball and number of players training for baseball has become immensely popular.


Many people say that it’s a game that was inspired by cricket and now many people love it, due to its unique style of playing. Well, one of the most important things about this sport is that players need power, coordination and strength. So modern baseball training has been evolving. Even more so, the modern baseball training techniques in the last few years have undergone fundamental changes to increase range of motion, specific hand eye coordination and agility. Baseball training is serious business today.


Well, the exact origin of baseball is a debatable topic. However, many historians suggest that it’s a game that may be based on the British game of “rounder”. In the early part of 19th century, this game has managed to draw enormous popularity in England. During that period Townball, base or baseball names were evolved and became popular quickly.


During the early 19th century, small towns in England began to form teams and larger cities were involved in forming the baseball teams. There may have been baseball practices during this time, but sports and baseball training was non-existent. In 1845, Alexander Cartwright desired to form some new rules for all the teams. These were the rules that are designed specifically to meet all the needs of baseball teams while playing the game with other towns. Interestingly, the major codes that were used back then are still in use for baseball today.


Well, some of the popular legends use to say that the game of baseball was actually invented by Abner Doubleday, but the father of Baseball has been designated to Cartwright. Just a year later in 1846, the first recorded baseball match was played. The game was held at the Elysian Fields located in Hoboken, New Jersey. In that game, Cartwright and his Knickerbocker baseball team lost to the New York baseball club. (Cartwright could have probably used some of the modern baseball training programs of today.) After that, baseball games became more frequent and more popular as more players were training for baseball.


In 1857, a convention for amateur team has been announced to discuss all the rules and other important stuff associated with the baseball. For this first baseball convention, 25 teams sent their delegates and hence the National Association of Baseball Players was formed in that particular year. This was the first authorized baseball league and, in just the first year of operation, the league supported itself outstandingly with the occasional fans paying for admission. With such a high acceptance ratio, the future for the game of baseball started to look brighter and exploded in popularity.


Article Title: History of Baseball & Baseball Training