If you look to the history then you can find that the Ancient Romans and Greeks were known to play different ball games and most of them were played by feet. Later on, this historical game have managed to acquire its original shape and now well known as Football. This game began its journey in 1863 in England and came a long way.


It’s the game that spans more than 100 years and has been termed as the world’s favorite game. Though the game began in 1863 and the venue was England, but history clearly suggests that different civilization have played ball games that is similar to modern days football and all these things have happened a long time age. Even before 1863 when the game of football acquired its original shape, Chinese, Japanese, Greeks and Romans like civilization invented own style of ball game and they used to play the game for pride, fertility rites and religious observances.


However, in 1863 the rugby football association and the association football merged their different courses and the Football Association was created and England was the place where such thing was happened. It was the first governing body for football. As per the history, a half dozens of different games were played that are of different style but all of these games were having much similarity with the modern days football. Whatever is the story, but one thing is sure that those days’ people loved to kick the ball and there is hardly any particular reason that can show you an aberration about this game.


On the other hand the game is all about kicking the ball and controlling the ball with legs and feet. However, there was no law for this game and without any law the game seems to have turning into a battlefield when people used to play it for their pride. The art of controlling the ball was not easy and you cannot make this thing with a less skill set. Well, for the earliest form of the game some of the military training materials was implemented and these exercises were developed in second and third centuries BC in China.


The Han Dynasty in China have started a ballgame similar to football and it was called as Tsu’ Chu. In this game player used to kick a leather ball that is filled with feather and hair through an opening, which is 30-40cm in width. As per the variation of this exercise, players were not allowed to aim the target unimpeded. Rather they have to use their feet, chest, back and shoulders like body parts in order to stand against the attacks of the opposite team members. However, use of the hand was restricted and this rule is still there with the modern game of football.


Whatever are the variations that history suggested for this game; football has moved a long way and now people from every part of the world admiring the game very much. Football as a game has supplied many well-known players for this world and the popularity for this game seems to be having a never-ending horizon.

Article Title:   History of Football – Variations has Worked