Golf was the modern version of the game that had taken its initial shape in 15th century on the eastern coast of Scotland. During that time, players involved in the game used to hit a pebble around a natural course of sand dunes.


Some historians are suggesting that there were two men named Kolven from Holland and Chole from Belgium had developed the basis of golf. Some people used to say it as the game of ball and stick but they are really missing a single most important aspect for the game of golf that is – the hole. Either way, it’s well understood that Scotland is the place where golf developed its origin.


During the 15th century, Scotland was preparing itself to protect the country from a possible British invasion. However, golfing was so popular that it affected their military training. People in Scotland were so addicted with golf that even the military personnel started to skip out on the military exercises to play golf.


Due to such addiction, the Scottish Parliament banned the golfing in 1457. And this ban continued for almost 50 years. However, most people ignored this ban and continued to play.


In 1502, the golfing ban was lifted as the King James IV started to show interest in this game. Since then the sport has never looked back and managed to draw enormous popularity over the years.


With his Royal endorsement, golf as a sport soon managed to grow in popularity and status rapidly. In the 16th century, King Charles had introduced this golf to England and began the seeds of a worldwide popularity. France soon followed when Queen Mary of Scots played golf in the French region while she studied. Thus the notion that golf stood for “Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden” had been eradicated with Queen Mary. Golf is here and has been more popular than ever.


Article Title:   History of Golf – “Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden”