Since the early civilization, hockey was there and over the years this game has managed to draw significant response from all around the world. Some of the reports have mentioned that hockey as a game that has its origin 4000 years back. It has been reported that filed hockey was present before the birth of Christ. In the early days it was known as the game of ball and stick.


In countries like Rome, Egypt and South America hockey as a sport was well known for most of the people. The game has been termed into different names but the idea behind playing this game was the same as it was in the early days. Irish people used to spell it as “Hockie”. Though the term got its initiation in the ancient days, then also the real term for this game has been found by the new generations.


In the 17th and 18th century this game has managed to draw a significant response in England. The competition for such game was first started in England and villages were clashing with each other on the hockey field to determine the winner. In those times it was all about pride and manhood for which people used to organize hockey matches. Due to such reasons the game has started to acquire a serious form. Early hockey matches were lasting for a month or so and many players were ending up with injuries. Well, there were umpires but they were just like mute spectator and they can make the call if a team asked to do so.


However, after few years some of the common sense for the game has been adopted in order to make the game logical and more organized. Some rules have been introduced and some rules have undergone modification. The whole game was limited for 30 players and that is for each team. The Eton College in England managed to implement certain rules for hockey so that the purity of the game can get visible. In the year 1875, Hockey Association was formed and some of rules that were faded have been implemented after the necessary revision. After some time the Hockey Association found that these rules are offering positive results thus more rules were formed for the game. There were rules for the umpire and through such rule umpires were given more authority over the game. This has certainly made the standard of the game look elegant.


Though the game was first initiated in England then also India is a country that has shown enough respect for the game later on. Hockey is the National Game of India and this country has produced so many well-known hockey players over the years. Major Dhyan Chand Singh has been honored as the world’s greatest hockey player. Under his captaincy India have managed to draw Gold Medals for Hockey in three Olympic events.  For such achievement India Government awarded him with the Padma Bhushan Award. This is India’s third largest civilian award.


These days, more numbers of nations are coming forward with their strong hockey teams and they are really showing the true spirit for this game.  Players are now becoming more cautious about their hockey training and conditioning. And all these things are quite visible with the playing style of modern days hockey players.



Article Title:   History of Ice Hockey – Change of Rules Played the Trick