At the summer Olympics, the track and field is the most popular event that often people want to watch. Every year runners used to break record and new records are emerging. Running has been adopted as a tremendous sport. This is a real exciting and ever changing sport that has dragged most attention. In the main events like Olympics, most of the people want to go for the racing events and want to feel the vibe. If you are more keen to know about the running events then you need to know more about the running track. Running as a sporting event has a way back history and it is related to the ancient Greece.

In the ancient Greece, people only know about foot racing and this was the single running event in the Olympics. Like Olympics there was another sporting event called as Pan-Hellenic Games that is allowing the runners to compete for this game on a regular basis. At the mean time Romans were keener about running like event but they were more inclined towards wrestling and combat. In the ancient days the ability to run was considered as a vital aptitude and for warriors it was highly essential.

During the middle ages, running tracks have developed into the real competitive ground. During this time, people in Europe have taken some important steps for which running as a sport has managed to get the worldwide acceptance. In the Middle Ages noble families in Europe have started to train their sons for several athletic activities and running was the first priority for them.

In the last of 18th century, running has managed to get the full recognition in the arena of Olympic. This was an attempt to revive the traditional games of Greece and foot running was the prime one that has been featured notably among all other competitions. In that Olympic for the first time, metric systems were used to measure the time records. This was another milestone for this Olympic event.

In the 17th century the upper class people in England used to arrange races for their footmen. This is how betting have been involved for running. In the 16th century cross-country races were famous among the schools. Among the entire cross country races Hare and Hounds and Paper Chase were the most popular events. In the 19the century professional running have been introduced and betting was still there as an attraction part for running. During that period professional runners were trained under steady running plus time trials with extended brisk. This was a regular training material. Many runners were opted for these sorts of training twice a day.

If you will look for the history then you can find many famous runners that have gone for some exceptional achievements with this sporting event. Jesse Owens – he was the famous runner from USA, who managed to acquire four gold medals in the 1936, Berlin Olympics. Another name that everyone can hardly forget; he is the famous runner Michael Johnson. During the peak moment of his career he was considered as the world’s fastest man. Modern days running competitions are getting tougher and runners required tough training sessions to get prepare for the tough next tough challenges.

Article Title: History of Running – Track and Field on Demand