If you are looking for some solid information regarding the history of skiing then you need to move for the northern Europe where this sport was invented. Skiing has evolved from today’s freestyle and Alpine ski training to skiing on animal bones.


In the Northern part of Europe and Asia, skiing was dated to people as long as a thousand years ago. It is believed that people initially used to have skis made from the large bones of animals. Now that’s recycling. The bone skis were then attached with the toes of their boots with the help of leather strips.


However, in the countries like Norway, Finland and Sweden, skis made of wood were available 5000 years ago. All of these skis could only be used for flat land because the ski strips were made of leather and would not be able to hold the skis properly to the boots. Surely, there were some that tried to ski downhill but more than likely did not get too far.


As per the history of skiing, skis were highly used during wars. During the battle of Oslo in 1200 AD, the Norwegian army used skiing this for their spy act on Swedish enemies. In the 1747, a Norwegian military special ski unit was founded and ski training for the military was utilized. With the success of the military ski unit, ski technology improved to suit both the conditions for downhill runs and flat grounds. The main difference was that the skis were made to secure both heels and toes of the boots.


However, the concept for modern skis was initially developed back in the year 1850. Sondre Norheim, a Norwegian first developed the modern ski that was includes stiff bindings for better grip and control with ski boots. He made the skis tight with the boots with the help of wet birch roots. Birch roots will dry up and become stiff. This ski binding invention significantly provides more control with comparison to the leather strips that can be loosened. With such invention Sondre Norheim came up with some new turning motions that modern ski training techniques have evolved.

With this stiff binding invention, skiing enthusiasts have started to create new ski training techniques for more extreme snow and mountain conditions. In 1896, Mathias Zdarsky who lived in Austria has introduced a new ski training skill. Simply, he used a technique of pushing one ski edge at a specific angle to the fall line in order to take control over the speed. This allowed skiers to ski down steeper hills... in control.


In 1900, another name has been added to the skiing history. It was the Hannes Schneider who got inspired from Zdarsky’s technique. Schneider managed to develop new technique for turning and stopping. These inventors from Austria provided the foundation for Alpine skiing to linking turns and hockey stops.  Later ski training techniques have improved like the Arlberg Technique, but with over 50 million skiers visiting US resorts per year, skiing is here to stay.


Article Title:   History of Skiing – Animal Bones to Military Ski Training