Soccer is an incredibly popular sport which started its roots in 1863 in England and today has about 3.3 billion fans around the world. In England, the world’s first ever Football Association was founded. Bill Shankly, then one of Britain’s most successful and well-admired football managers have said, “Some people used to believe that football is a matter of life and death! I am really disappointed with this sort of attitude. However, football as a game is much more than that”.


History suggests that different cultures have played a game that is almost similar to the today’s modern soccer game. Though it has been recorded as “official” that soccer started its journey in England, some people still doubt about the origin of soccer. These people used to say that there is no certain evidence about the initiation of this game.


However, a common belief suggests that the game of soccer found its infancy 3,000 years ago. One of the earliest stage for soccer in which players used to kick the ball around a small field and that was happened way back in 1004 B.C in Japan. The Munich Ethnological Museum in Germany is having a Chinese writings that originated in 50 B.C. This Chinese text has revealed that a game quite similar to the soccer was played between Japan and China in the past. It was a match when Chinese players kicked a ball that is made of leather and such evidence is clearly suggesting that a soccer match has been played between these two countries in 611 A.D. This match was held at the Japanese Capital Kyoto.


Romans have too shown enough evidence for playing a game that is similar to modern soccer. During the early Olympic games in Rome, a vigorous format of soccer was in action. In this game, each side comprises 27 men that battle for the ball and goal post. At the end of each game, up to one-third of the players sustained injuries due to the ferocity of the game.


It’s the game of soccer that has gone through major changes in the past and new rules have been applied for the game every now and then. However, soccer has finally got its new and defined shape in the year 1815. In this year Eton College have engaged few new rules to the game and since then soccer has developed as a true game. And now, the fierce game has been modified into the most popular game in the World.


Article Title:   History of Soccer