Volleyball is a widely popular sport and played by about 800 million people worldwide. Volleyball is a relatively new sport, only just over 100 years old. Despite its new birth, volleyball as a game has managed to draw significant response from the sports buffs around the world.


Volleyball was known as "Mintonette" and was invented in the year 1895. This sport was invented by William G. Morgan who formulated the basis of the game. He was a graduate from the Springfield College YMCA. Morgan has managed to develop the initial format of this game, which was initially aimed for businessmen and their entertainment. Massachusetts can be termed as the birthplace for volleyball, as Morgan used to work there in Holyoke. Well, the game was new in itself but Morgan managed to add various facets from other sports with it so that it can become playable. The concept of having a net was derived from tennis but the volleyball net was installed above the height of a normal man.


Volleyball, the name, acquired its current name due to the spectators. In those early days one spectator commented that the game is all about volleying the ball and hence the name volleyball stuck. It took about a year when the first official volleyball game was commenced in the 1896. It was Springfield College that had been selected as the venue for this inaugural game and volleyball as a sport never looked back. In 1900, a new ball was introduced to the sport and volleyball managed to get the transnational designation, as YMCA took this sport to other countries like Canada and South America. In less than five years, Cuba joined the stream and became the host for this game.


It took merely twelve years for volleyball to be declared as the most popular sport to be played in America convention. In the 1913, the sport was registered for an entry in Eastern Game events. In 1916, a new aspect of volleyball play was introduced to the game in the Philippines. The pass, set and spike was introduced to the game for the first time ever. Filipinos also introduced the terms like Bomba and Bomberino for the game that are designated for kill and hitter respectively. Later on the scoring points for this game was reduced to 15, which was 21 previously.


Today, the game is more popular than ever, with sand volleyball adding to the game with its origins in Santa Monica, California in the 1920’s.


Article Title:   History of Volleyball