Ice Hockey training isn’t easy. You can’t just lift weights 24/7 or skate around in a circle and then take a bunch of slapshots at an unguarded net and expect to really get better. You need specialized, specific, tested workouts that will help you crush the competition on the ice.

So, are you ready to increase the speed of your slap shots? 

Are you ready to win more face-offs and master checking? 

Do you want to skate as fast and effortlessly as possible?

How about speed on the ice?

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If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then we’ve got the website for you. Your Sports Trainer gives you a new, specially crafted hockey training program. Get ready for drills, tips, and exercises that’ll help you improve, whether you’re already a hockey pro or are just starting out.

"I have tried several programs and found Todd Norman to be the best. The training is intense and specifically designed for my individual needs. As a professional athlete, my health and physical abilities are my business, so I take my training very seriously. I know I can count on Todd every summer to prepare me physically and mentally for the rigorous NHL season."- Jeff Friesen, NHL Forward - Stanley Cup Champion

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Hockey specific training workouts are exactly what you need to make great strides in improving your hockey skills. You might think that it’s difficult to train for a game played in an ice rink in your own backyard or gym, but we’ll show you how. And, we have over 1,000 exercises and drills for you to look at. 1,000! That’s plenty of exercises and drills to mix and match to come up with the best possible workout for you! You’ll also find that Your Sports Trainer’s myProfile management system will make it super easy for you to keep track of your progress.


One major benefit of hockey training that should not go unmentioned: training specifically for hockey will limit the number of injuries you get out on the ice. We all know that hockey is a rough sport and injuries are not uncommon. If you have not properly trained your body to deal with what it will face in the rink, you are going to get hurt and potentially miss time playing the sport you love. Do not risk your health. Do not neglect going through the best training possible – hockey training – before you suit up for your next game.


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When you sign up for your free trial of Your Sports Trainer, you’re not just getting a bunch of new workouts – you’re getting a team of experts, with decades of expertise and experience, coming together to give you advice. Your Sports Trainer is comprised of a group of qualified professionals and certified trainers who put their heads together and developed the best methods possible to make you a better hockey player. They didn’t just create a workout program – they created a hockey training program. They realized that sports training, training for specific sports, is very, very different, and far more beneficial for athletes, than typical workouts. With both types of workouts, you get certain health benefits, but sports training has more practical applications that apply to your everyday life.

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Todd Norman and hockey trainingSo who thought of Your Sports Trainer? Does this guy even know anything about hockey?

Your Sports Trainer was created by Todd Norman and saying he knows about hockey training is quite the understatement.  Todd was the head strength and conditioning coach for the NHL Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. For years, Todd has come up with sports specific training programs for many high profile athletes. 



One athlete Todd’s helped: Toronto Maple Leafs’ star, Mikhail GrabovskiGrabovski knows what he’s doing come game day, but it all begins with a hockey training program that gets him playing at the top of his game.

You probably already know how things have gone the past few years for Grabovski, but in case you need a refresher…

• His rookie year in the NHL, he led all rookies in the NHL Eastern Conference in scoring.

• He scored 58 points during the 2010-2011 NHL Season.

• Toronto rewarded him for his great play with a monster 5-year contract worth $27.5 million.

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Now it’s time! You don’t have anything to lose by signing up right now for a 100% free trial of Your Sports Trainer. When you do, you’ll get full use of our services, our expertise and amazing video content, at zero cost to you. If after your 3-month trial you decide this isn’t for you, just don’t sign up for a monthly subscription; you haven’t lost anything. BUT, we’re confident that once you give our site a try, you’ll decide that $5.95 a month is a small price to pay for an amazing hockey training program.


Why are you still reading?! Go now and create your account to automatically enroll. And get ready to take your game to the next level with our unique videos and articles about hockey training.

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