Having a great build or having being full sized is never directly related to how good your slap shots will be in hockey. A great slap shot depends on how effective you are able to master the game and knowing the right hockey training, fitness and drills that will place you on top of your game.

It has often been said that placing emphasis on the correct areas to strengthen the muscles is very much likely to guarantee you a fierce slap shot. Hockey training and fitness will surely improve the strength in your arms, shoulders and legs and best of all the most important muscles used for the game, which are otherwise known as your core muscle group, and to have the best workout in sports, you must master the hockey conditioning drills.


1.  WOODCHOPPER Exercise

Elevating your power in the slap shot can be easily and wonderfully achieved through woodchoppers... a vital hockey training exercise. This is because much emphasis is placed on targeting your core muscle that plays a very important role in transferring power effectively from your torso to your upper body and subsequently into the puck. The workout can be executed by using a cable attachment, a medicine ball or dumbbell.


Hockey Training - How to execute:

•Hold the weight to the above and to the side of your head with your two hands, all the while standing upright

• Execute a swift chopping motion (but be in control) by shifting the weight from the initial position across your body in a diagonal fashion, making sure it ends close to your opposite knee

• Repeat the exercise by changing your weight to the point where you started, do this by making a reverse motion

• Execute up to three sets of ten reps per side.



2.  RUSSIAN TWIST Exercise

In order to get your core muscles stronger and increase your rotational power in your slap shot… really to make sure Goalies are left hanging, another effective and efficient hockey training required is the Russian Twist.


Hockey Training - How to execute:

• Making sure your arms are straight, hold the medicine ball right in front of the chest area with both hands

• Rotate or circle the medicine ball and your upper body to the far left, pivoting on your right foot without dropping your arms

• Change your direction by pivoting on your left leg, all the way rotating to your right. That makes one repetition.

• Repeat this by doing three sets of twelve reps.



3.  EXTERNAL ROTATION with Dumbbell

Considering the fact that making use of your shoulders and driving in to your slap shot gives you more power, it is crucial to increase your rotator cuff shoulder muscles. Don’t try to show off to the gym about how amazingly strong you are when doing this. The best way to achieve this hockey fitness training is to avoid the use of heavy weight, use light weight instead, this is because the rotator cuff shoulder muscles tweak easily due to their small size.


Hockey Training - How to execute:

• Hold a dumbbell or cable attachment in line with your shoulder height, facing the floor with your palms, while standing or sitting on a bench or Swiss ball.

• Make sure your elbows are bent at about a 90 degree angle.

• Rotate or circle your arms slowly making sure they’re perpendicular to ground.

• Repeat the action while lowering the dumbbells

• Execute three sets of ten reps



4.  The SLAP SHOT Hockey Drill

Simply, practice makes perfect, agreed? So get perfect and practice. Grab a bucket of pucks aim, set up a block targets and knock them down. This will improve both your shooting accuracy and power. Change up your distance and approach to diversify the drill and be more comfortable in game situations. For your to achieve perfection, practice regularly… obvious hockey training tips.


Hockey Training - How to execute:

• First do this by locating a wood blocks which is about a one foot square

• Then proceed by placing the wood blocks on rink’s blue line

• Shoot at your targets while standing at about 6 feet away

• Using the puck, drive your wood block backwards as far as you can

•Try this repeatedly… at least a few hundred times, you want to be perfect right??