The forehand is one of the most basic shots in the sport of tennis and without the ability to master it you may find your game lacking and your success limited. If you want to be a top notch player then you need to be doing several tennis drills as well as following several simple tips to get the forehand shot you desire.



To have that killer forehand shot you need to be able to react to your opponent's shot so in your training you need to include a lot of tennis drills where you react to the ball coming at you. One tool that will help you do this is the machine that shoots the tennis ball. This is ideal because you can use it when you don't have a trainer and still get the same results. When working with this machine you need to set it up at various angles so that you can practice a number of shots that you might encounter. Another tennis drill that will help you react is to move closer to the net so that when the ball comes across you have less reaction time. If you can make an effective move when you are closer to the net being far away will make the ball seem to move in slow motion.


Set Up the Shot with Proper Footwork

Footwork is a key fundamental in many sports and that is not any different with tennis. If you want your forehand to be as strong and accurate as it needs to be then you need to incorporate tennis drills that focus on the proper fundamental footwork. A good way to work this is to have a partner hit a ball to a certain spot on the court and you work on hitting the ball while incorporating the right footwork. This is a tennis drill that needs to be done slowly and repeated numerous times to have the most success.


Work on Your Swing

Without a solid swing then you are going to have a lot of problems and it won't matter how many tennis drills you have done. In this aspect of the game you need do hundreds and hundreds of repetitions working on the different types of shots. Get your partner or coach to hit balls to you (topspin, slice or flat winner) and start off slowly. Work on the mechanics of your swing so that it is fundamentally correct. As you get better you can work for speed and accuracy.


These are just a few areas and several tennis drills that you can focus on at each practice. When working with youth and new players the key thing to focus on is fundamentals and proper mechanics. As you progress you can you can focus on more extensive drills that highlight other areas of the game.


Article Title:   Improve Your Forehand with Simple Tennis Drills