Martial arts training can be defined as a form of fighting that is not actually done with an opponent but with you. Yes, martial arts training is about self-realization and not intended to gain knowledge. Presently, you can find different forms of fighting methods and all these styles are unique in its way.


If you turn back the pages of time you will find that martial arts training was originated from the southern part of India. In early fifth century, Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk from the southern part of India, created the principles of martial arts training. He took this highly disciplined combat training to China and then to Japan. Gradually, this art form was adopted by other countries and was given a unique name that resembles their art, culture and tradition.


Presently, every country has its own form of martial arts training style; some can be calculated as a hard style combat or a soft style combat. Hard style martial arts training totally concentrates on power, speed, timing and adrenal rush. While soft style martial arts training concentrates on flexibility, gentleness and inner power. ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’ is the key element of martial art power, whether it may be a hard style form or a soft style form. Many people throughout the world attend martial arts training to gain a healthy lifestyle and a fit body.


Well, there are some questions that everyone asks themselves before deciding on a martial arts training school. Is martial arts difficult to learn? To master martial arts takes a commitment to undergo rigorous martial arts training. But you should set realistic goals to which level of mastery you would like to attain. It all depends on your practice and dedication to this ancient art of combat. You can become a martial arts expert or you can be a normal martial artist and still reap the many benefits that come with martial arts training.


Choosing martial arts brings unique benefits from other types of sports. While many people play other sports like basketball or soccer, many of these sports do not add the spiritual factor to bring balance. Martial arts training combines your mind, body and spirit together.


The martial arts community is constantly evolving and combining elements from different martial arts style into MMA training. MMA training is gaining incredible popularity. But in each case, there is a sense of camaraderie which was rooted from martial arts and its foundation of mind, body and spirit.



Article Title:   Martial Arts Training is Rooted in Self-Realization & Spiritualism