MMA training, or Mixed Martial Arts training, with Your Sports Trainer will help you build the conditioning and power foundation to become an elite fighting athlete. Whether your martial arts interest is in taekwondo, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, karate, judo, jiu-jitsu or kickboxing, you will see significant athletic developments from participating in our MMA training program.


- Want to develop power so that you can kick and punch more explosively?

- Interested in developing strength to apply more forceful submission holds?

- Want the quickness to escape grappling holds?

- Would you like to have the explosiveness to perform takedowns?

- Want to build endurance so that you can outlast your opponent?

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No matter how skilled a fighting athlete is, if they don’t possess the athletic facets necessary to perform the explosive movements, they won’t succeed. Often times the fighter with their hand raised at the end of the fight is the one that’s best conditioned ad most prepared. You can ensure that you’re the one in best shape by participating in MMA training with Your Sports Trainer.

Our MMA training program and workouts are designed by world renowned sports trainer, Todd Norman. Todd holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kiado-Ryu Karate and works with numerous professional elite UFC fighters. Sign up with Your Sports Trainer and you’ll get the opportunity to participate in the same MMA training program as Norman’s personal elite fighting athlete clients. UFC Champion Anderson Silva and Todd Norman MMA Training






If you participate in fighting sports, you understand the significance of a fighter’s level of fitness. You know that to succeed in a match, a fighter’s got to have excellent endurance, power, strength, coordination and balance. Your Sports Trainer is here to help you reach your MMA training goals. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional mixed martial arts athlete, Your Sports Trainer will provide you with top-notch, effective workouts that are designed to step up your ability as a fighter. Every single exercise or drill we incorporate into the MMA training workouts has been selected because of its effectiveness in improving fighting performance.


Your Sports Trainer understands what athletic components a MMA athlete needs. Our workouts are specifically designed to:

UFC Champion Antonio Nogueira and Todd Norman

- Plyometrics for improving lower body power

- Dynamic flexibility movements to improve range of motion

- Strength training to increase force production

- Power or Olympic lifting to develop explosiveness

- Unstable exercises that develop balance, mobility and body control

- Abdominals, obliques, hips, groin and back development for core strength and rotational power

- Agility and quickness drills to improve movement mechanics



Not only will you get in shape from our Your Sports Trainer MMA training, but you’ll see direct performance improvements in the cage. Start putting in work now by signing up for our limited time 90 day free trial.

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Fighting sports are amongst the most complex athletic events, as MMA athletes must be exceptional in a variety of athletic components and must be able to perform an array of athletic movements. MMA training needs to reflect the complexity of the sport in order for it to be effective. Just lifting weights or running is simply not enough. A fighting athlete must have strength, power, coordination, balance and agility. Your Sports Trainer MMA training understands the athletic components that a fighting athlete must develop and designs each of the workouts based on those components.


The Your Sports Trainer exercise library currently consists of over 1,000 functional exercises and drills. Every single one we utilize and assign for your MMA training workout sessions will directly develop one of the athletic components important to a MMA athlete.

You’ll be performing a vast variety of exercises in the MMA training program, which includes:

- Develop explosiveness to land more powerful strikes

- Build quickness and strength to perform grappling moves

- Develop endurance to prevent heavy legs

- Improve agility to move around the ring more quickly

UFC Mark Munoz and Todd Norman with MMA Training


If you’re new to training, you don’t have to worry. You’ll be able to read detailed instructions and watch a HD video with technique demonstration for every one of the exercises we assign.

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Fighting sports can be intense and demanding. Injuries are commonplace. However, performing MMA training will decrease your risk of injury while in the ring. By improving your strength, power, balance and coordination through our Your Sports Trainer MMA training workouts, you’ll be better equipped to handle the explosive nature of your fighting sport. You’ll perform movements with better technique and posture because of your improvements in neuromuscular coordination, and this in turn will decrease your risk of injury.




Your Sports Trainer acts as your own strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer. We will remain by your side from the moment you start and throughout your MMA training journey. Our myProfile Management System allows you to keep track of your goals and monitors your progress. You’ll participate in fitness tests and keep track of your scores over time so that you can see exactly where you’re improving. You’ll able to stay organized with your customizable MMA training calendar and make sure you’re fueling yourself for success by following your nutritional plan.


Join hundreds of other athletes who’ve discovered Your Sports Trainer. It takes just a minute to sign up and you’ll be able to get started immediately.




Ready to take your MMA performance to the next level? Right now we’re offering a limited time free trial for 90 days. Once you sign up, you’ll get access to our MMA training programs and workouts. You’ll be able to start using our myProfile Management System and get on the right path to becoming a more elite fighting athlete.


We’re confident that the results you see in 90 days will make you a believer. Once your trial period is completed, you can continue to participate in MMA training for just $5.95 a month. We’re dedicated to helping you develop as a fighting athlete and want to see you with your arm raised victoriously at the end of your fights. Let Your Sports Trainer help you become an elite fighter with our MMA training. 

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