Any seasoned fighter knows the importance of being well rounded and focusing on both stand up and the ground game equally. All fights start on the feet so why wouldn't you spend a great deal of time doing MMA training to develop this aspect of your game? Getting your striking to a level that is respectable takes some time. It isn't something you can do over night or even in 6 months. If you want to become a great stand up fighter you must devote years and years of training and study the various styles of martial arts and implement them into your game.


Out of the numerous drills you can do by far the best workout and tool to improve your MMA training is the heavy bag. The reason it is effective is because you get to simulate hitting a real opponent. When you pick out your heavy bag make sure to purchase a 6 foot Muay Thai bag so that you can work on punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and increase your overall MMA training level.


The first thing you should work on when using a heavy bag is technique. Practice throwing your jabs, crosses, and combos so you hit the right target and learn to keep your hands up when you punch. Once you get that down it's time to pick up the intensity and get to work on some serious MMA training. Here are some great drills that should be done on the heavy bag.


Rounds on the Bag – This is the most basic way to develop MMA training and boost your cardio as well as getting you use to the way a fight goes. Set your timer for a desired length and get to work. You should focus on combos and speed at the beginning and work into power shots as you progress. Obviously the more rounds you can go the better off your MMA training will be.


Pyramids – You've probably heard the term punches in bunches before and here is where you get to put that into practice. Pyramids work by picking a kick or combo and starting off by throwing it once. The next time you will throw the combo or kick two times. Keep working until you get to 5 or so and then make your way back down. Focus on speed while keeping your hands up and landing the technique properly.


Elbow & Knee Combos – Many people don't spend enough time working one elbows and knees. These are some of the most devastating strikes in all of MMA because a knee can know the wind out of a fighter or break his nose and an elbow can cut someone wide open. If you want your MMA training to be complete then you NEED to be training elbows and knees on the bag regularly.


Becoming a great stand up fighter isn't difficult you just need to learn the basics and drill, drill, drill. Once you get the combo down practice throwing it in a sparring situation. The only way to get better is to become confident at what you are doing. If you are serious then the heavy bag should become your best friend.


Article Title:   MMA Training to Develop Your Stand Up