When working with athletes there are a different set of drills you will use for personal training. This type of clientèle has a different goal in mind than the average Joe looking to lose their beer belly or get rid of unwanted love handles. An athlete has to be in tip to condition in order to excel at their sport whether it is on a team or as an individual. If they perform poorly it could lead to a decrease in pay or even worse being cut from the team or organization. When you are doing personal training with athletes you need to make sure to pick the best exercises to complement their sport.

Here are several drills that you can use with clients you are personal training who participate in sports where head and neck strength or eye reaction time is essential. Both exercises are simple to teach on your end and extremely efficient for the person you are working with.

Neck Strengthening w/ Towel: This exercise is excellent for the client whom you are personal training that participates in wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, or any other combat art. Why is it important? These athletes deal with a lot of contact directly to their head and neck so a weakness here will leave them susceptible to a knockout or being choked out quickly.

To complete this neck strengthening drill all you need is a towel.

  • First have the athlete you are personal training lie down on a bench (face up) long ways with their shoulders at the edge. Their head should be hanging off of the bench.
  • Kneel down at their head and take the towel and gently place it over their forehead.
  • Get a good grip on the towel and give some resistance.
  • Have the person try to raise their head up as much as possible using only their neck muscles.
  • Then have them return to the starting position.

In order for the muscles on the posterior side of the neck to be strengthened you will need to have your client flip over on their stomach and repeat the process.

Say you are personal training an athlete who competes in a sport such as basketball, football, hockey, or some other sport involving keeping their eye on a desired target. An excellent drill would be to have them do eye stretches.

Eye stretches: These may sound complex but the process is quite simple in nature. They don't require any special equipment and can be done any place and any time.

  • First have your client sit in a chair with nothing around them and have them visualize an object directly in front of them.
  • Tell them to look at that object and then quickly reposition their eyes to a spot a few feet in front of their feet.
  • Next have them look at a spot in a 1 o'clock position (in reference to a clock) and then return their eyes to the spot in front of their feet.
  • Keep going until they have made a complete rotation and then have them go back and do the same drill counter clockwise.

If you are personal training athletes there are numerous drills you can do to develop them, however if you are focusing on the head and neck then stick with these because you can't go wrong.

Article Title: Personal Training Drills for the Head and Neck