A large part of successful basketball coaching is how you run your basketball practices. Every coach will have a different coaching style as well as a different practice style. Some will start off with conditioning while some will end with it. Others do free throw shooting first and some will put that drill in the middle of a practice. How you structure your practice isn’t as important to basketball coaching as that you just have structure to your practice. Here are six areas that that should be addressed.

Team Meeting

Basketball coaching is a lot about communication. Having a meeting to discuss team issues is important to stay connected with the players.

Individual Work

This is where players will hone their individual skills at their position Split players up into two groups, post players and perimeter players. Use drills that are specific to those individual needs. Shooting and dribbling drills can also be split up between post and perimeter players.


This is where you’ll work on your team’s specific style of offense. Basketball coaching on full and half court offenses, press offense and transition offense. You can also use this time to shoot free throws, jump shots, three pointers and do layup drills.


This is where you’ll work on your particular style of defense. Full and half court defense basketball coaching should be worked on at this point. Rebounding, blocking out, man to man and zone defensive drills can also be preformed.


Situations are a large part of basketball coaching. Your team should know what to do in all situations. Last second shot, when to foul, when not to foul, when to miss a free throw, when to use a time out and when not to use a time out are all topics that can be covered.


Basketball players must be in great shape. Whether your run a press defense or you face a press defense might encourage more conditioning but you never want your players to become tired during a game. Situational conditioning is best, use conditioning drills that mimic playing situations.

Basketball coaching with a structured practice will keep you organized and on task so no valuable time in the gym is lost. Structure will keep the athletes engaged into the practice and less time wasted. Remember the order in which you structure your practice is entirely up to you and the style your team plays but structure is imperative to successful basketball coaching.

Article Title: Practice Basketball Coaching