Soccer is the number one youth sport in America and the number one sport in the world as far as popularity. Millions of people play soccer, thousand play at a high level and hundreds play for professionally. So for some people playing soccer well is a big deal. One skill very important for success in soccer is speed. If you can out run your opponent then you have created a great advantage. There are two basic ways to increase your speed, stride length and stride rate. Your stride length is the length from one step to the next. This is where the bulk of your speed comes from. Stride rate is how fast you take each step. Less speed is lost or gained here but it can still make a difference. Here are two soccer drills for speed that will help give you a leg up on your opponents.

  • Step Count

This soccer drills for speed will help you lengthen your stride to make you faster. Mark out a course 20 yards long with two cones. Start at one cone and sprint to the far cone, counting each time your foot strikes the ground. Now walk back to the starting cone and repeat the sprint. This time try to subtract one foot strike from the number of foot strikes you had in your first sprint. Covering the same distance in fewer strides means you’ve covered the distance faster.


  • Wall Runs

This soccer drills for speed will help increase your stride rate. Stand facing a wall with your arms extended. Let you body lean forward until your hands contact the wall. Your body should be at about a 60 degree angle. At this point your arms should be supporting your weight against the wall. Keeping your body in a straight line, core contracted and heals slightly off the ground. Raise one knee up to waist height and immediately drive your foot back down to its original position. At the same time as you drive one foot down, bring the opposite knee up to waist height. That is one repetition or a single. You can perform this soccer drills for speed as singles, doubles, triples and so on. You can also perform continuously for time, 20 seconds, and 30 seconds.


Whether you’re playing for fun, in high school, college or playing professionally. These soccer drills for speed will help increase your stride length and stride rate to make you faster on the field. Out running your opponent is a great advantage. So why not improve your speed with these soccer drills for speed.


Article Title:   Soccer Drills for Speed