Every sport has its own unique skill set that make you successful. Soccer of course is no different. You have to be able to pass, shoot and dribble the soccer ball to be an effective player. Yet, a soccer game is two 45 minute halves of continuous running. 45 minutes of continuous play will definitely wear you down if you’re not probably trained. So, conditioning becomes a huge aspect of being a good player. Here are some soccer tips for conditioning that will keep you running strong all game long and performing at your highest level.

  • Condition for the game

Soccer is 90 minutes of continuous running. So you must condition for that type of scenario. This soccer tip for conditioning is to train for 90 minutes or more. A 20 min run doesn’t translate to actual playing condition. Conditioning your body to perform for 90 minutes or more will ensure you’ll be ready for the entire game.

  • Use Intervals

A soccer game is not made of continuous sprints or continuous endurance running. You’ll have to perform both types of running throughout the game. This soccer tips for conditioning is to use interval training to improve both sprints and endurance running to mimic actual playing conditions.

  • Strength Training

Soccer is almost all continuous running but you still have to use some strength to maneuver for position. This soccer tips for conditioning is to perform strength training so you don’t get pushed around on the field. Strength training your legs will also help you when the rest of your body is tired. Your legs will be strong and carry through the final minutes.

  • Power Training

Just like strength training is important to a soccer player. Power training is just as important. Being able to move explosively is a necessity to break away from an opponent or be able to defend one. This soccer tips for conditioning is to perform power training to improve your explosiveness.

Conditioning your body specifically for playing soccer will greatly improve your abilities. 45 minutes of continuous play will definitely wear you down if you’re not properly conditioned. Use these soccer tips for conditioning of condition for the game, interval train, strength train and power train, to build stamina, strength and explosiveness. Being properly conditioned will pay off big at the end of the games when you need to take that big shot!


Article Title:   Soccer Tips for Conditioning