Utilizing vast experience and scientific research, Your Sports Trainer has created and fine tuned elite soccer training programs second to none. Clearly, soccer is an incredibly popular sport where millions follow the action of the beautiful game and with juggernauts such as Manchester United and Real Madrid dominating the globe, professionals and amateurs alike are mesmerized the prospect of playing at Old Trafford or the Bernabeu.

Your Sports Trainer can turn even the most average player into a polished performer, who rises to the occasion every time.

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• Do you want to dribble past the entire opposing team?

• Or score 30-yard screamers?

• And boost your fitness along the way?

If your answer to one of the questions is yes, then you are in the right place because Your Sports Trainer is designed to encompass every soccer training drill whether be it to enhance your skills on the ball or develop body strength to fend off defenders long enough to make a pass or score a goal.

Todd Norman and soccer trainingOur sports training experts including Todd Norman, who has worked in various sports leagues such as the UFC, MLB and NHL, have specifically designed our work out program in order to maximize the effort you put into your body and get you the results you crave as fast as possible.

By signing up with us now, you are going to receive complete access to Todd Norman’s meticulously crafted soccer training regime that is bound to make you a better player.

Dominating the pitch in soccer is easier said than done. Depending on your role whether you are a centre-back, full-back, midfielder or even a striker, the finer aspects of your soccer training will vary to suit your need. A charismatic forward will be judged by his ability to score goals and for that you need endless amounts of stamina to chase long balls and make darting runs into the penalty box.

If you are defender like Nemanja Vidic, you need upper body strength and the ability to win aerial battles with opposing attackers, so everything in the drills are going to tailor made to suit your needs.

The general contents of the practice sessions remain the same and are targeted for soccer players with the aim of improving their:

Soccer training agility

• Acceleration

• Strength

• Power

• Agility

• Flexibility

• Speed

• Balance

• Coordination

Fitness Training is NOT Soccer Training

Your Sports Trainer will boost all of the above areas and you can immediately get started by taking up our free trial.

Many players try to increase their body strength in order to be more competitive on the field, but in soccer that counts for little, as the work as has to be translated into success. Explosive speed is one aspect which can be a major turning point in your career, as it allows you to get the better of your opponent no matter which position you are playing in.

We have over a 1,000 exercises and drills in order to improve your skills and the main areas which we will be looking to improve include:

• Agility and Speed

• Balance and Mobility

• Plyometrics

• Power and Strength Training

• Rotational Power and Stability / Core Strength

Each of our drills are in HD quality resolution and detailed with text, so that you know all about the regime.

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Soccer is a very physically demanding game and has a very high injury probability due to the fact there is little protection awarded to the players. Keeping this crucial factor in mind we at Your Sports Trainer have developed our work-out as such that it increases your muscle fibers to a great extent in key areas such as the thigh, adductor and groin so that the chances of you succumbing to injuries is lower.

Take for example Michael Owen, the famed England striker whose career has been riddled with injuries and eventually robbed him of his potential. But Your Sports Trainer takes great care in nurturing your abilities and will make sure that something tragic like this doesn’t befall you.

Furthermore, our soccer training improves stamina, dribbling, heading and shooting ability to a great extent, virtually guaranteeing that you will be a better player once you take advantage of our free 90 day trial.

The YST Soccer Training System

By signing up now, you will be given access to our myprofile management system, which keeps track of your personal goals, nutritional plan and soccer training calendar. By utilizing some of the features, you will be able to monitor your progress quite thoroughly and easily, by comparing before and after photos as well as fitness test scores.

The key to becoming a soccer player will be determining your current status and working on it on a consistent basis until it reaches a desirable level. This is by no means an easy task, but you can count on Your Sports Trainer to be by your side all the way.

Even if you work with fitness trainer, our program can still aide you to enhance your abilities and in the quickest time possible.

If you want to become as a good as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, then it’s time to turn towards our free three month trial period. And if after that duration you are satisfied with our services and want to continue, then for a small $5.95 a month fee, you can continue your soccer training journey to becoming the best there is with Your Sports Trainer!

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