A growing epidemic has occurred in the football culture over the past year or two.  Helmet to helmet hits.  The NFL has levied huge fines to dozens of players over the past few years for such illegal hits that it once glorified to sell its product.



So what happened to change the way the NFL views these types of hits?  Extreme head injuries evolved.  Are knowledge of how the body can handle these types of collisions has improved greatly over the past decade.  Paralysis, concussions and brain damage can result from helmet to helmet collisions.  Every NFL locker room now displays a poster to remind players to use the football skill of “See what you hit….Don’t hit with your head”.  With the NFL being the number one sport in America, these types of hits have a trickle down affect, seeping into college, high school and even pee-wee football. The logical remedy for the problem is to get back to teaching proper football skills for tackling.  Not only is propelling yourself like a missile at another players head dangerous but it’s also wildly ineffective.


How many times have you been watching football on Sunday and seen a player go for a big hit and bounce off the ball carrier falling to the ground.  Leaving your feet to make a tackle violates an essential rule of tackling, run through the ball carrier.  No coach has ever taught a player the football skill of leaving their feet and aiming for the ball carriers head.  Here’s a list of proper football skills for tackling.


-See what you hit and hit what you see. Focus your eyes directly on the ball carrier’s chest and hips.


-Lead with your chest and hips, not your head or shoulder. Tackle in squared-up fashion.


-Never leave your feet; keep your legs driving through the ball carrier.


-Keep your hips below your shoulders. Get low and drive up and through the tackle.


-Wrap your arm through and around the ball carrier.


Head injuries in football are a serious problem that needs to be corrected.  The NFL has started the ball rolling by outlawing this poor and possibly malicious football skill… football skill would be the wrong word for such a head hunting tactic.  The NCAA now has a similar rule, without the fines of course.  Now if high school and pee-wee football coaches can start and continue to teach proper football skills for tackling we can start to see the amount of serious head injuries decrease throughout the entire football community.  


Article Title:   Tackling Football Skills