A strong and accurate serve can go a long way in making you a tennis star. If you look at some of the top players today and analyze their serve you will find it to be top notch and wins them quite a few matches. If you are an up and coming player looking to improve your serve then you need to be doing some of the tennis exercises used by the pros. If you add a few of these drills to your practice then you too will see significant improvement in your serve.


Medicine Ball Slams

A medicine ball is a very versatile piece of equipment that can be used for numerous tennis exercises no matter what level of skills you possess. To begin the medicine ball slams you need a ball that is comfortable to you and will allow you to complete all of your sets and reps.

  • Start with the ball above your head (one hand on each side).
  • Take the ball and slam it toward the ground.
  • Pick the ball up and repeat the drill again.


In order for this tennis exercise to be effective you need to use your entire body when slamming the ball down. Make sure not to jump and work on a smooth and fluid movement.


Medicine Ball Rotational Throws

Here is another effective tennis exercise that will strengthen your core and give you the right amount of rotational torque that your serve requires.

  • Take your medicine ball and begin this drill parallel to a wall.
  • Grasp the ball with both hands and throw the ball at the wall; twisting and using your core muscles to generate power.
  • As soon as you catch the ball, launch it at the wall again.
  • Work on exploding and completing each set as fast as you can.
  • Once you finish the tennis exercise on one side flip around and hit the other.


Single Leg Squat

One of the final elements to a strong serve is leg strength and performing the single leg squat is an effective tennis exercise that will help you develop this muscle group. Single leg squats are very simple to perform and can be done over and over again where the athlete can get good results.  When doing this drill you need to make sure to go slow and go down as far as you can each time. If you are not flexible and your leg muscles are weak your range of motion may not be very deep at the beginning. Push yourself and you will find that both range of motion and leg strength will improve quite rapidly.


Article Title:   Tennis Exercises to Increase Your Serve