Tennis training with Your Sports Trainer will take you, the tennis player, to the next level.


Want to run the base line faster?

Are you ready to master backspin shots that’ll leave your foes looking goofy and swinging at nothing but air? 

Do you want to improve your serve and rack up aces against your opponents?

Is it time to learn how to properly harness your power so that you can deliver punishing shots right inside the baseline?

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Your Sports Trainer is an elite sports training website created by Todd Norman. Todd has designed workouts and training routines for many pro athletes that have helped make them the best of the best. He realized that his workouts and strategies could be used not only by superstars, but also by anyone who can pick up a racket. Todd gathered a team of experts—certified trainers and qualified professionals. Together they came up with a tennis training program that trumps all others. And it doesn’t matter if you already are a phenomenal tennis player competing in tournaments or someone who just wants to get better and play for fun. The bottom line is that tennis training will make you greatly improved.



"Training with Todd has improved every aspect of my game. My strength, balance, conditioning, and quickness on the court is the best it's ever been. Most of all, I have regained the confidence in my health and fitness, which has developed the foundation for one of the best seasons in my professional career."

- Lindsay Davenport, Ranked World #1 2004-2005 3 Times Grand Slam Singles Champion

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Take note that the title to this section doesn’t read “Training Time”, it reads, “Tennis Training Time”. The key word here is, you guessed it, tennis. Anyone can train and workout. Go jog a mile. You trained. Go lift some weights. You trained. Jump up and down a bunch of times. You trained (well, sort of). The thing you have to realize though is that you’re not training for tennis. Training specifically for tennis isn’t easy, but it’s important if you really want to notice a difference on the tennis court. It doesn’t matter if you want to be successful on a recreational level or if you have plans to go to Wimbledon. What matters is tennis training—you must train to get better specifically at tennis.



But where will you find great tennis workouts and exercises that will take your game to the next level? I think you have an idea, but I’m going to tell you anyway. RIGHT HERE! YOU’VE FOUND THE PLACE— IT’S YOUR SPORTS TRAINER! We have the workouts and tips and tennis drills all ready for you. And we’re ready to let you try out all we have to offer FOR FREE. Stop wasting time and go sign up now for a 90-day free trial! There’s no obligation to keep your membership after your free trial expires. So the only real question is whether or not you want to become a better tennis player!

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UC Irvine Mens Tennis TeamThere are many benefits of deciding to use the tennis training routines developed by Your Sports Trainer.

Tennis Specific Workouts: With our workouts designed for tennis training, you’ll be doing the perfect exercises to get better at the sport you love. It doesn’t matter if you’re a singles or doubles player, a beginner or expert, someone playing for fun or someone competing in tournaments— we have the top tennis training program for you!

Reduce Injuries: One major, and very important, benefit is that you’ll be less likely to be injured when playing tennis if you are doing tennis training. You will reduce risk of injury if your body has been conditionined and trained specifically to compete in the sport you’re playing.

Comprehensive system: Your Sports Trainer offers over 1,000 different exercises and drills, as well as high-quality, HD exercise videos. There’s also an easy to use management system, the myProfile system, that will help you monitor your performance. Everything about the site is designed to be easy for you to use.




Lindsay didn’t just magically become good overnight. It took her years of training to get her game to the level it’s at today. And it wasn’t just any training—it was tennis training. Lindsay Davenport worked with Your Sports Trainer founder, Todd Norman, using his specific tennis training plan. What’s her career been like?

Lindsay Davenport and tennis training

• Three Grand Slam singles tournaments: Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open

• Three Grand Slam doubles tournaments: Wimbledon, the French Open, and the US Open

• A shiny Olympic gold medal

• A career win percentage of nearly 80%

• Being ranked No. 1 in the world four times

• Prize earnings over $22 million




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