James Naismith, a Canadian Clergyman, is the real hero behind the game of Basketball. In the year of 1891, he invented the game of basketball. James introduced this game at the Young Men’s Christian Association Training School that is presently known as Springfield College. The game spread to Canada and other parts of the globe and became an accepted outdoor game. This game has managed to acquire so much popularity that both men and women have started to show interest in it. In between 1939 to 1945, basketball has managed to draw worldwide acceptance and became famous in different countries.


It’s the Canadian clergyman, James Naismith, who invented this sport and now it has became the famous sport for one of the leading country in the world called United States of America. In December 1891 the first concept for basketball was implemented and announced for the general people. Naismith was working as an instructor, educator and physician in the YMCA training school which recent name is Springfield College. He requested Dr. Luther H Gulick to organize several adoptable recreations for this game so that it can be played in indoor climate during the winter. Basketball, the game was highly influenced by several sports such as American Football, soccer and hockey.


Initially, players were using a soccer ball to play this game. Every team comprises of nine players and the goal posts were made of wooden peach baskets that are fixed with the wall. During 1897-98 team of five has been termed as the standard for every basketball game. Soon popularity for this game spread for Canada and other parts of the world and both men and women have started to show their interest for this game. After some days basketball became a popular informal outdoor game, as many people have started to play this game on outdoor venues. During the World War II, servicemen from USA made this game popular among other countries.


In between 1893 to 1895, many colleges in the USA adopted this game and inter college matches were first held in the year 1934. The first match was held at the New York City’s Madison Square Garden, and then the college basketball started to acquire tremendous response. By the 1950s, basketball as a sport managed to draw enormous popularity and became a major sport for the colleges in USA. This was the first attempt that the game has made to generate interest among people to opt for professional basketball venues.


The first pro league known as the National Basketball League was announced in 1898 in order to protect the players from misuse. Well such notion has also implemented a new thought for the game and now promoting a less rough game becomes easier.


Article Title: The Creation of the Basketball Game