Movement Progression Training


Movement Progression Training will maximize your results, allowing you to perform better in the most efficient way. This is the most advanced, proven training concept which has been in development for over 25 years. Elite pro athletes have realized the benefits of these programs and continue to work and incorporate it into their regimented training.

Todd has taken his extensive academic background and years of experience training development programs for junior, collegiate and pro athletes including as a Nike Sparq & Under Armour Master Trainer and 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kiado-Ryu Karate to spearhead the most advanced training philosophy known as “Movement Progression Training”.

Movement Progression Training incorporates 8 Building Blocks of Sports Training.

  • 1.      Warm-Up
  • 2.      Flexibility
  • 3.      Core
  • 4.      Plyometrics
  • 5.      Agilities
  • 6.      Strength
  • 7.      Conditioning
  • 8.      Regeneration

The science of Movement Progression Training lies in the understanding that all training methods such as Power, Strength, Linear Speed, Balance, Plyometrics, etc. are all interrelated to improve an athlete’s functional movement. Improving athletic movement is ultimately the purpose and result of a progressive, structured and comprehensive sports training program. The Building Blocks of Sports Training are interrelated and build upon each other to improve your overall functional movement. For example:

Strength improves your Power

Power improves your Acceleration

Technique improves your top speed

Flexibility reduces internal resistance

Stability keeps you balanced, and

A high level of conditioning prolongs the onset of fatigue

Using a balanced plan, Movement Progression Training progressively strengthens each of the other Building Blocks. And within each sport, there are specific variables to be addressed in a structured training program. While sports do overlap in that each person is an athlete, there are big differences; training for baseball is different than training for basketball, etc.

Utilizing the proper science and experience of Movement Progression Training can be daunting for the average person. Fortunately, Your Sports Trainer makes it easy for you to attain your goals. YST provides sports specific plans in an easy to follow format. There are many options for you to customize the workouts and plans to suit your requirements and preferences. Sign-up today and Amp up your Game!