With the Winter Olympics roughly two years away a lot of hopefuls may be wondering what they can do to ride snowboards better and make the cut for Sochi, Russia. If you are currently a snowboarder then you understand the importance that your whole body plays in pulling off tricks or winning the race.


It takes strong legs, a solid core, and upper body muscles to ride snowboards effectively and compete at the top level. An elite level competitor spends countless hours in the gym as well as on the slopes. They even employ trainers to help them reach their goals, just like the athletes in many other sports. If you are looking to become a top level competitor and ride snowboards like the pros then here are some drills to work on. If you have access to a trainer then he or she can help you out a lot, however if you are going it solo then stick with these essential exercises and you will be hitting the slopes the big dogs in no time.


Core Drills for Twisting and Turning


A lot of contests in snowboarding involve performing twists and turns. If you want to be a big time athlete and ride snowboards at the highest level then you need to be able to perform these twisting and turning tricks too. A key muscle group that allows athletes to be able to master these tricks is the abdominal group. Your abs will also help you on your take offs and landings in terms of stabilizing your body. If you are going to spend any amount of time working out to be able to ride snowboards better then you better have abdominals at the top of your list. Here are some of the key drills you should focus on.


  • Superman’s

This drill is essential for strengthening your core to be able to ride snowboards effectively. Performing this drill on a regular basis will strengthening you lower back and help to stabilize your supporting muscles. Make sure to add this drill to your workout several times each week for it to be effective.


  • Medicine Ball Twists

If you want strong oblique muscles so you can pull off those killer tricks then medicine ball twists must be a part of your workout. After a few sets you will start to feel the burn and within several weeks you will start to see a difference in your twisting ability. As you start to get better with this exercise you can increase the size of your medicine ball.


  • Plank

The plank is an amazing drill that will stabilize every single part of your core. If you add a few sets of this drill in to your routine then you are going to have all the abdominal strength you need to ride snowboards like a pro.


To be a good snowboarder it takes determination, dedication, as well as the right kind of training to transform your game from the small time to Olympic level. The athletes competing on this stage have dedicated their entire lives toward achieving this goal and if you want it too it can be yours. Make sure you train hard, smart, and get a good strength and condition routine going that has lots of core/ abdominal drills included.

Article Title:   Total Body Workouts Help Athletes Ride Snowboards Better