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What can you expect?

Be Faster , jump higher and be stronger

Get in the Best Shape of your life

Maximize your skills, agility, and flexibility

Why do you need a training program?

Get Amazing Results! Having a training plan will motivate you to consistently workout to achieving your goals. YST training plans consists of focused workouts that build upon each other to maximize your results. Let us do the thinking... Simply, select a training plan that has been developed from top professionals and we will schedule your workouts.

Designed by Experts

Powerful Advice. Get real plans from proven top expert trainers. World renowned expert, Todd Norman, YST President and founder, also heads Nike's Sparq Training as it's Master Power Trainer and is recruited to speak around the world to educate the international fitness community. Top pro's and champions like Mark Sanchez (NFL), Anderson Silva (UFC Champion) and Lindsay Davenport (3 Time Grand Slam Champion) continue to train with Todd. YST's training plans and workouts follow a proven philosophy to help you get amazing results!

Athletes use Sports Specific Training

YST training programs are designed to improve your sports performance. Whether your sport is basketball, volleyball, or mixed martial arts, YST has specific training plans to increase your athletic ability while building lean muscle and burning calories.

Use Sports Skill Drills in your Workouts

Whether you play one sport or multiple sports, you will have the option to include sport skill drills into your workouts such as soccer dribbling drills. Your game confidence will soar with a combination of improved skills and athleticism.

Detailed Exercises and Drills

Over 1,000 exercise and drill videos are performed by accomplished certified trainers and professional athletes. Each exercise and drill includes step-by-step instructions and pictures.

Mark Munoz

- UFC MMA Fighter - “The
Filipino Wrecking Machine”
- NCAA Wrestling

Mark Sanchez

- Quarterback for NFL Jets
& USC.
- MVP Rose Bowl Champion

Lindsay Davenport

- 3 Time Grand Slam
Singles Champion
- 2005 Ranked World #1
Tennis Player

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myProfile Management System is the Ultimate playbook!

Manage your training regimen and performance progress in one place. Motivate yourself and reach high to set your personal goals. The myProfile System has all of the tools to achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Workout Log

Be confident and know that you are progressing. YST provides a detailed reporting system to log your workouts and individual exercise history.

Performance Tracking

How high can you jump? Assessing your athletic abilities and tracking your improvements provides you continued motivation to win. Add your own custom performance goals.

Body Measurements

You see yourself every day, so noticing changes is difficult. Body measurements will accurately track your improvements.


Never miss another workout. YST can schedule your workouts and can be uploaded to Outlook and Google calendars.

Before and After Photos

Photos are great motivators. Keep a visual diary of your progress and log as many photos as you want.

Nutritional Tools

Get rid of belly fat and gain muscle. Nutritional tools and calculators like BMR, Caloric Planner and BMI will help structure your diet and nutritional requirements.
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Personalize your Experience

Want a different exercise? No problem. No gym equipment? No problem. All of our workouts are fully customizable to your needs. Exercises can be easily swapped or moved.

Ryan Dungy

- AMA Supercross
& Motorcorss
- 7 Time Champion

No "Non-Sense" Training

You can't bring DVD's to the gym. Other fitness programs may show you how to lose weight, but they fail to maximize your athletic goals. Additionally, our system can be used to cross train with multiple sports. Workouts are gym-friendly so that you will have access to the proper equipment. Simply, bring your workout to the gym.

Connect with the Athlete Community

Get Motivated! As a YST member, learn and ask questions about fitness, training philosophies, sports tips and equipment. Use our community forum to get connected to trainers, coaches and other athletes.

Anderson Silva

- UFC Champion

Antônio Nogueira

- UFC & Pride Champion

Are you Ready for YST?

Our training programs can be used by anyone. Exercises, drills, and workouts are segmented into basic, intermediate and advanced levels.
So whether you are a weekend warrior, getting into a new sport or looking to advance to the highest level,
YST will Amp UP your game!



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