If you have ever played any type of sport or had a fitness exercise routine then you are probably familiar with the benefits of warm ups and some general workouts to include in them. Fitness professionals swear by them and coaches follow suit in order to keep athletes and clients safe and get the most out of their workout. A few variables are under debate about warm ups prior to starting your fitness exercise routine; amount of intensity for each exercise and duration of the entire warm up.

The general purpose of a warm up is to prepare you for the sport or workout you are about to do. They should get your heart rate going and loosen up your joints and muscles so you don't wind up pulling something or tearing a ligament (which would ultimately keep you out of activity from your sport or your fitness exercise routine for quite some time). Scientists from the University of Calgary’s Human Performance Laboratory [Calgary, Alberta], reported in the Journal of Applied Physiology that they believe and have found evidence that a shorter warm up is actually more beneficial for the athletes and will lead to better performance in the actual sport or fitness exercise routine. These scientists go on to say how the subjects power output was 6.2 % more with an increase of 5 % in their total work out put.

As an athlete or someone looking to improve overall fitness these findings are quite critical. Instead of spending more time getting ready for your sport or fitness exercise routine you can do less, get better results, and devote more time and energy to your main workout or sport. If you look at the researcher's findings and just break them down it makes sense. Athletes or people working out who spend a greater amount of time on the warm up will find themselves more fatigued when it comes to the main workout. Their muscles will already have a buildup of lactic acid and they will already be winded.

If you are doing a general fitness exercise routine then look for a warm up that will loosen up your entire body without putting the exertion on your muscles and burn you out too quickly. This could include:

  • a few light laps around the track
  • elliptical machine or
  • stationary bike for several minutes

Other great warm ups for a fitness exercise routine could include jumping rope, walking lunges, or pushups. No matter what exercises you choose make sure you keep it short, focus on stretching and loosening up your joints, and don't make it too intense. If you follow these simple rules you should have a more successful workout and achieve your goals sooner.

Article Title: Use a Shorter Warm Up to Maximize your Fitness Exercise Routine