Plyometric drills are the king when it comes to sports training. It doesn't matter if you are a martial artist, basketball player, track star, or want to up your hockey training to take you to the next level. Any athlete who is serious about his or her sport is doing plyometric training. The great thing about these drills is that you don't need a lot of equipment to do them and that there is tons of research and resources available to help you decide what's best.


If you are looking to improve your hockey training then most likely you are going to be doing a lot of plyometric drills to build your core strength and your leg power. The core strength is important because it will help you with agility on the ice when guys are looking to check you and when you have to out maneuver someone to get to the goal.


Leg development is important because you are going to spend a lot of time on your skates, especially if you are one of the key players on the team. There are several drills out there that will improve your hockey training so we will pick a few that develop strong fundamentals as well as build your core and legs.


Plyometrics for Core Training

  • Clap Push Up
    • This drill works both your upper body as well as your core. It takes some arm strength to be able to push up and perform that clap, however if you have weak abdominal muscles then the exercise will be more difficult since the core muscles hold everything in place keeping you in the proper position for optimal hockey training.


  • Kneeling Med Ball Toss
    • To perform this drill you will need to begin on your knees with a medicine ball in hand. Face your right and have your partner face his right too. You should be standing across from each other but not facing each other (your shoulders should be facing each other).
    • Now take the medicine ball and toss it in a lateral fashion using your core muscles to twist and generate power. Continue to pass the ball back and forth with your partner and when you have reached your desired reps face the other direction and go again.


These drills will develop some serious core strength and boost your hockey training through the roof.


Plyometrics for Leg Strength

As we discussed earlier your legs play a key role in many of the things you do in hockey. They help you skate, stop, stability for shooting the puck, and a solid base when you have to take that tough check from your opponent. In order to have the strength you need the following exercises should be a regular part of your hockey training routine.


  • Box Jumps

This is the most basic plyometric exercise for developing leg strength and stamina. All you need are some different sized boxes, depending upon your level of jumping, and you should know the proper fundamentals as well. To get the most out of this one and maximize your hockey training make sure you swing your arms up to give you that extra boost.


  • Lateral Hops

Lateral hops are a beneficial drill to do because they work on the stabilizer muscles that are going to have you cutting on the ice to evade and get to the goal. Once again as you hop in a lateral fashion make sure to swing your arms to give yourself a complete connection with the upper and lower body.


These drills aren't hard to follow and only need to be added in occasionally to see the benefits when looking to take your hockey training to the next level.


Article Title:   Use Plyometric Drills to Improve Your Hockey Training