There are a lot of drills out there for tennis players however if you are looking to improve your actual skill set as well as your tennis fitness level then you need to be incorporating the 3 ball drill into your regimen. This drill is an effective one because it simulates actual game play and will help build and develop your reaction time along with your fitness level. The 3 ball drill is easy to do and requires little setup and equipment. After only a few sessions of training it you should find that your tennis fitness levels are starting to improve.


This drill isn't unique to tennis and you will find that a lot of top notch athletes use it as part of their training. The goal of the 3 ball drill is to work on speed, develop your reactions, move fluidly from ball to ball, and increase your overall tennis fitness.


  • To begin this drill you will need a partner and 3 tennis balls.
  • Have your partner stand in the middle of one side of the court while you take your place on the baseline.
  • Your partner should begin with two balls in one hand and one ball in the other.
  • While you are waiting for the drill to begin you need to get in a good, fundamental tennis stance as if you are waiting for your opponent to hit the ball to you.
  • As the drill begins your partner will toss one of the balls at you letting it bounce once before arriving. You will move accordingly to reach the ball.
  • Upon catching the ball you toss it back and your partner tosses another ball for you to react to.


Continue having your partner toss the ball while you work on moving in a nice fluid motion working on reacting to where the ball goes as well as exploding to build good tennis fitness. As you develop better reaction time your partner can speed up the tosses giving you less time to think about where you need to move. Another way to build good tennis fitness and challenge your reactions is to have your partner move in closer. This will give you less time and be more of a challenge to keep a fluid motion as well as get the ball back to your partner without messing up the drill.


There are many drills out there to boost tennis fitness, but none quite as effective as this one which is why so many sports us it during training. It is good because it works so many areas of your game and is adaptable to any level of athlete. If you find that this drill with only tennis balls becomes too easy you can upgrade and purchase one of the reaction balls. This ball is not circular and the bulges in it cause the ball to bounce randomly making it increasingly difficult to time where it is going. The 3 ball drill with a reaction ball is the ultimate tennis fitness drill and will have you begging for a break in no time flat.


Article Title:   Use the 3 Ball Drill to Increase Your Tennis Fitness