Coaching in any sport involves the ability to engage with your players and get the most out of their various abilities. But it is easier said than done.  As a volleyball coach, sometimes getting the most out of your players means improving their mental capabilities and simply making the game fun.


It is no secret that sports should be fun. But there is always that competitive force that drives every athlete. As a volleyball coach, how do you make the game fun? How do you ensure that your players are enjoying their experience? The secret is to get your players to enjoy practicing just as much as they enjoy playing. The best at any sport love the game and love to improve. For your team to reach its full potential, the goal has to be to make the players look forward to coming to work on a daily basis. Make practice goals on a daily basis. Force players to understand what needs to be accomplished each and every practice and push them to attain the goals. When players or teams reach desired marks, confidence builds. When confidence grows, so does the overall enjoyment of putting in the time to get better.


The enjoyment of training and the enjoyment of improving together will ultimately transform virtually the most important aspect of being a volleyball coach – making your team mentally strong.


As it goes in many sports, a majority of the game of volleyball is said to be played above the eyebrows. A volleyball coach has to be able to make the psychological state of each player a positive virtue, and not something that hampers the individual or the team’s overall ability.


A coach has to be able to make the game easy. We all know that when we have learned responses to something we are very confident in understanding and expecting certain outcomes. It goes without saying that those who believe they can succeed, will succeed. It is the same in volleyball coaching. You have to find strategic ways to make the game easy for players. When the game becomes easy, the players begin to have fun, which not only improves the overall attitude, but also accurately repairs mental states, especially when practices become competitions.

When we as humans think of something as being fun, it comes from our mental images and realizations that are formed from our mental states. The goal of a volleyball coach is to make the game fun by improving the players’ mental capabilities. The mental images have to be positive. Asking a volleyball coach to ensure the mental toughness of a team is a nearly impossible task. That must be fulfilled by the individual players. As a volleyball coach, what you can control is how to enhance their mental images and visualizations. When you build their confidence and when they see the game as a fun, a new energy is evolved.

Every coach wants to get the most out of their players. Before digging deep and sending your team to work, make sure you are following the guidelines of FUNdeMENTAL volleyball. You want to be that volleyball coach that makes the game fun and helps your team become mentally strong.

Article Title:   Volleyball Coaches makes the Game More than Work