Volleyball training is essential if you’re going to dominate on the court. Your Sports Trainer offers sport specific workouts that will help you develop power and agility so that you can jump higher and be quicker on the court.


Want to be able to explode up over the net and smash down spikes?

Want to develop your agility so that you can move around the court quicker?

Are you interested in increasing your lateral quickness and be able to dig balls?

Would you like to be able to get up and be dominating as a blocker?

Want to be able to have power behind your jump serve to score aces?

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Your Sports Trainer is dedicated to helping you maximize your potential as a volleyball player. Our volleyball training workouts are designed by Todd Norman, a world class professional sports trainer who has worked with some of the best athletes in the world including the Laguna Beach Volleyball Club National Champions. Each workout has been carefully designed to develop all of the athletic facets you need to improve as a volleyball player.




No matter if you’re a beginning volleyball player or a professional, Your Sports Trainer will remain by your side and show you the way for becoming an elite athlete. Every drill and every workout you participate in within our volleyball training program will result in improved performance on the volleyball court.


To dominate at volleyball, you must develop a unique combination of athleticism and coordination. Your Sports Trainer understands this battery of athletic components involved in volleyball. Each component is addressed in our volleyball training workouts. When you follow our volleyball training workouts, you can be rest assured that you will see significant results.

- Strength to be more explosive

- Power to jump higher and hit harder

- Agility to move around the court quicker

- Acceleration to dig balls

- Balance to maintain proper position

- Coordination to move most efficiently

Volleyball training with the National Champion's Laguna Beach Club


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Most volleyball training programs only focus on improving vertical leap. But you understand that there’s more to volleyball than just being able to spike and block. To succeed on the volleyball court, you must also have exceptional agility, speed and coordination, to move forward, backwards and laterally so that you can dig a ball. You must have excellent balance and superior coordination to successfully bump the ball to your setter. Your Sports Trainer incorporates all of the athletic facets required to being a quality volleyball player. With our programs, you can be assured that you’re training as effectively as you can and maximizing your results. With consistent training, you’ll be flying higher and ripping it harder.


Each volleyball training workout will consist of an array of exercises:

Todd Norman and volleyball training

- Functional exercises that develop balance and proprioception

- Plyometrics for lower and upper body explosiveness

- Speed and Agility to improve quickness on the court

- Strength and power training activities to increase force production

- Core stability and strength


We have over 1,000 functional exercises and volleyball drills. Each one is described in detail and accompanied with a HD video to demonstrate how to perform them with correct technique. Volleyball is a game of short, explosive bursts. Many of the drills require you to perform movements explosively so that you mimic the quick, explosive nature of the sport.

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Because of the intense and explosive movements involved in volleyball, participation places significant stress on your muscles, tendons and bone structure. If you’re not physically prepared, you run the risk of injuring yourself. Because you’ll develop your strength, coordination, power and balance by participating in our Your Sports Trainer volleyball training workouts, your musculoskeletal system will be able to handle the stress of the sport and you’ll decrease your risk of suffering from injury at your knees and shoulders.




Hundreds of athletes have already begun training and seeing performance results with Your Sports Trainer. If you want to get involved, sign up now for our free 90 day trial period. Once you do, you can start participating in our volleyball-specific workouts and over 1,000 exercises that are designed to improve your athletic performance.


Once you sign up, you’ll also be able to use our myProfile Management System, which allows you to track your customized volleyball training calendar, monitor the progress of you personal goals and keep up with your own nutritional plan. We’ll take you through periodic fitness tests so that you can see how much progress you’re making. You’ll be able to track the increases in your vertical leap and your speed and agility on the court.


You must have an effective and specific plan when you set out to train. Your Sports Trainer knows the areas that you need to improve upon to become a better volleyball athlete. We’ll be right there to ensure your training effectively and to motivate you to improve. It’s not a problem if you don’t have access to a strength and conditioning trainer. If you’re already working with somebody, the volleyball training workouts from Your Sports Trainer will accentuate what you’re already doing.




Want to develop into the best volleyball player you can be? It takes just a minute to sign up and get started. Keep in mind that you can take advantage of our limited time 90 day free trial and get immediate access to our volleyball training workouts. We’re positive that after your free trial period, you’ll believe in what our volleyball training program can do. Once the trial period is up, continue working out with us for just $5.95 a month. Your Sports Trainer will remain by your side as you put in the work to become a better volleyball athlete, so let’s get to work and start volleyball training.

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