So you want more spikes? Hitting with power is crucial to get the edge in volleyball and volleyball training. And mentally, the feeling of killing a ball can build your confidence. But to be able to consistently kill a ball, you must execute a volleyball training program. Volleyball training will provide you the strength and power behind your hit to make all the difference come game time.


Below are some areas to focus on with your volleyball training for hitting power.


Core - To bring hitting into your spikes, focus on developing your core strength and power. This will help your overall functional training for speed and jumping.


Triceps - Strong triceps will help put that important extra energy in your swing  and snap to making your spikes fast and hard.


Shoulder – When working out your shoulders, concentrate on exercises that will encompass the full range of your motion when rotating your arms and shoulders. Try using exercises that utilize a power band or bungee cord. Gradually, build up your speed of each time. This will increase your power to bounce the volleyball off the floor.


Lats – Large lat muscles will provide the extra power that you need to kill the ball on your opponent’s side. This helps in the your jump and swing.


Wrist – The last contact with the ball uses your wrist. A volleyball drill to help strengthen your wrists is to stand straight up and snap your wrist back and forth as quick as you can. Focus on the speed of this drill to build your forearm muscles.


Now put it all of your volleyball training together… Start by getting into position for your approach. Then move fast and forward and bring your arms straight behind your back. The farther your arms go back, the more swing you can generate to jump straight higher. On your jump, arch your back, swing your forward and u to reach high. Keep your body extended tall, watch the volleyball. Power your arms forward and snap your wrist for that extra power in your hits. Now sit back and watch your opponent look dismayed when the ball bounces off the floor and you get the point. Your serve...


Article Title:   Volleyball Training for Hitting Power