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YST makes it smple for you. We provide the most advanced sports specifc training programs in an easy to follow format.
You provide the commitment and we’ll maximize your results.


YST makes it simple for you. We provide the most advanced sports specifc training programs in an easy to follow format. You provide the commitment and we’ll maximize your results. 


YST’s reputation to provide the best sports and fitness training programs and workouts is unmatched. Proven methods combined with the latest fitness studies developed by Todd Norman, YST’s President, are the foundations in each of our programs. That is why top professionals in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS, UFC, PGA and other organizations train with Todd. If it works for them, it will work for you.


Why YST was Developed...

To inspire people through playing sports to live healthy and happy.

Mission Statement

Your Sports Trainer is dedicated to empower the everyday sports fitness enthusiasts with a proven, comprehensive training system to raise their fitness literacy and keep their motivation high.

in other words...  to...


YST Amp Up Your Game


Playing sports achieves incredible results for people on both a physical and mental level. Whether you are new to playing sports or a seasoned pro, studies show that playing sports provides teamwork, discipline, goal setting, leadership, independence, self confidence, stress relief, character development and personal growth, fair play, and acceptance of others. 

Sports training benefits

Obviously, with playing sports and training, your physique will greatly improve and your energy level will increase. As your athletic abilities develop and your game improves, your confidence will soar and continue to other aspects in your life.  80% of corporate CEO’s and political members have a sports background (Alberta Schools study, 2006).  It takes discipline and dedication to improve at sports, but that work shows both physically and mentally.

Sports training leadership


Playing sports positively affects your happiness by improving your social life, emotional state and motivation. Socially, people who play sports more easily gains each others’ trust and bonds with one another faster than with situations. In a game, you have to trust one another to follow the rules, finish the game and, in general, play with good sportsmanship. Emotionally, playing sports provides a healthy outlet for stress as well as team building structure. With sports and an increased energy level, your motivation to better your performance will continue. These elements are interrelated and combine to positively accelerate your benefit.

To meet our vision and mission goals, carving a little time to train and play sports will provide a life balancing element to live healthy and happy.